January 28, 2008

Day Five

I just finished yoga, which is always a great time, and then went to work. We are not supposed to eat until after class so when I got to work I ate an apple bar and a Crystal Light Iced Tea.

Ross and I went to Caribou to get a coffee at 2:33. They had coupons for $1.00 off a dulce de leche, so thats what I got. It was pretty good but now I am feeling a little jittery...

Time: 2:33pm
Location: Caribou near the Daily
Feeling: Tired, Restless
Cost: $3.00

After work I drove to St. Paul for an NSAC meeting. Before the meeting I stopped at Lori's for some soup and bread.

Time: 7:00p.m.
Location: St. Paul
Feeling: Starving
Cost: $4.00

I stopped at Burton's to go over a logo for his parents boat then headed to Down Time with my roommates (Tera and Ashleigh). My Friend Brandon was playing in a band at 11:00 and I wanted to see his show. Ashleigh paid for the first round (and only round on my part. I was the driver).

Location: Downtime bar
Feeling: Enjoying the music while drinking a beer. (I want to go see shows more often)
Cost: Free

Daily Total: $7.00