January 30, 2008

Day Six

I started the day out at around 8:30ish. I took a shower and put on the new clothes my sister bought me. I picked up Whitney around 9:30 and we drove to St. Paul together. While waiting for the campus circulator to come by Como I decided to fill up my gas.

Location: BP on Como
Feeling: restless. Wanted to do something while waiting for the bus plus filling up gas is one of my least favorite things to do.
Cost: $18.55

We were was pretty cold after waiting in the freezing cold for the circulator, so we stopped at Lori's for some chai before going to McNeal to work on the Nutmeg logo.

Time: 10:00am
Location: Lori's in St. Paul
Feeling: Cold and tired
Cost: $4.00

After class I stopped by the post office in the Union to mail my parents my W-2 form and some paperwork I got about my rent.

Time: 2:15
Location: St. Paul Student Union
Feeling: satisfied that I actually remembered to send it to them
Cost: $.50

My plan was to quickly stop at Trader Joe's and get a few groceries for dinner (I was having dinner with Burton) but of course that didn't work out. Tera and I took a quick stop at this outlet store that said they had 75% off designer apparel and accessories. I found a nice black Calvin Klein purse that was originally $195 (what a steal of a deal) for only 40 bones.

Time: 2:54pm
Location: Opitz Outlet in St. Louis Park
Feeling: so excited (just a little materialistic on my part at this moment, but it is well worth it)
Cost: $41.59

While at Trader Joe's I realized that I really wanted to go to Kowalski's. Trader Joe's doesn't have the red leaf butter lettuce that I like, plus their Mozzarella cheese just isn't all that great. But the real reason I was there was becuase they had pizza dough. After getting a few Items (including wine) we headed off to the next grocery store.

Time: 3:30pm
Location: Trader Joe's
Feeling: my feet are in a lot of pain (at least I got to fill out the slip where you can win $ by brining in your own bag)

Kowalski's was pretty successful except for the fact that they didn't have the brand of chocolate ice cream that I wanted. So it was off to Sebastian Joe's.

Location:Kowlaski's on Hennepin
Feeling: my feet are going to fall off (note to self: never wear 3 inch heals to class)
Cost: $35.40

Sebastian Joe's to get Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream
Time: 4:19pm
Location: Sebastian Joe's
Feeling: In pain (tried bribing Tera to let me borrow her shoes while I ran in, she wasn't having it)
Cost: $4.00

I made it in the house and threw my shoes off. For my night class I decided to wear really comfortable boots and a nice warm puffy jacket (a much smarter choice on my part).

Class got out at 8:10 and I drove Whitney home. Burton came over for dinner and we made a homemade pizza. He brought crackers and cheese and wine (can you tell he is from Wisconsin?) our pizza had fresh tomatoes, basil, garlic, mozzarella, feta, and pine nuts on it. For dessert I made espresso (bad idea for a tuesday night) and poured it over a big scoop of ice cream. Then I topped it with whip cream. mmm every thing tasted good.

Daily Total: $118.29