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January 31, 2008

Day Eight


The show opens with a narrator giving a brief description of the history of the American Gladiator. Then with great enthusiasm they let the audience know that they are back and “its going to be bigger and badder� then ever before. The narrator tells the audience of what’s to come in the future of performance.

“It’s the ultimate battle of David and Goliath where 24 mortals compete to become the ultimate gladiator� This powerful statement informs the viewer that its going to be the ultimate (modern) fight of good vs. evil. Once they are done hyping up the show, they begin to introduce the characters:

Each Gladiator walks out on stage and is introduced. Either through body language, facial expressions, apparel, or grunts the audience begins to gain an understanding of each character. For example Wolf howls as he is introduced. Everything about him is animal like; his apparel, hygiene, facial expressions, down to his name. Every action, facial expression, or appearance reinforces their characters role in the performance.

Next, the 24 mortals are introduced. They give brief bios on the characters that are up to battle. They do this to allow the viewer to relate to these ordinary characters. For example they have “skater dad Chad� playing up against “Anthony who puts out fire.� These average Joe’s are just like us and they are ready to battle.

Everything about the show is a theatrical performance. It’s a story of good vs. evil where mortals battle it out to become the ultimate gladiator. Each character has a specific role in the performance and their body language, appearance, facial expressions, and name give it all away.

So Tera is making eggs for Ashleigh, Dan and I. Mmmmm it's great having roommates. Its around 10:30ish and we have class in a little over an hour. I am not looking forward to freezing all day.

Dan drove us to class this morning and dropped us off at Lori's for coffee. Luckily we arrived just in time to find Daniel was already on top of it. So we left Lori's without spending a dime.

After Class I took a bus home with Tera. It was a little field trip for me, I am not a bus person normally. I was excited at first and then I started getting bus sick. The people watching was amazing though. There was a hoytie toytie lady that got on the bus decked out in a fur coat, lipstick, and of course a Starbuck's latte. HIlarious.

Time: 2:00
Location: Bus # 3
Feeling: a little bus sick and
Cost: $1.50

I came home read a book and then passed out for a long long time. I woke up to my friend Katie calling to see what the plan is for the night. I jumped in the shower started my laundry and then ate a grilled cheese sandwich (with tomato and avacado). Then Katie and Andrea came over for girl talk.

We just ate dessert (Ice cream with espresso and whipped cream). Now we are drinking wine and eating cheese. Gossip, wine, and cheese, what more could a girl ask for.

January 30, 2008

Day Seven

I decided that I needed to spend less money after yesterdays expensive festivities. For breakfast Burton made eggs, hemp bread (aka toast), and a shot of espresso to go.

I forgot I wasn't supposed to eat before yoga but my body took it like a champ. I went to work shortly after yoga and had a cereal bar as a snack. Then for lunch I packed a soda and a greek salad. I am doing pretty well not spending any money so far, congrats to me! I am waiting for Burton to come pick me up (his car wouldn't start this morning).

For dinner I made another pizza for Tera, Burton, Dan, and I. Now I am at a coffee shop trying to work on homework (not going so well). I got a blood orange tea

Time: 8:45
Location: The Beat (uptown)
Feeling: Tired
Cost: $3.75

Total Cost: $3.75

Day Six

I started the day out at around 8:30ish. I took a shower and put on the new clothes my sister bought me. I picked up Whitney around 9:30 and we drove to St. Paul together. While waiting for the campus circulator to come by Como I decided to fill up my gas.

Location: BP on Como
Feeling: restless. Wanted to do something while waiting for the bus plus filling up gas is one of my least favorite things to do.
Cost: $18.55

We were was pretty cold after waiting in the freezing cold for the circulator, so we stopped at Lori's for some chai before going to McNeal to work on the Nutmeg logo.

Time: 10:00am
Location: Lori's in St. Paul
Feeling: Cold and tired
Cost: $4.00

After class I stopped by the post office in the Union to mail my parents my W-2 form and some paperwork I got about my rent.

Time: 2:15
Location: St. Paul Student Union
Feeling: satisfied that I actually remembered to send it to them
Cost: $.50

My plan was to quickly stop at Trader Joe's and get a few groceries for dinner (I was having dinner with Burton) but of course that didn't work out. Tera and I took a quick stop at this outlet store that said they had 75% off designer apparel and accessories. I found a nice black Calvin Klein purse that was originally $195 (what a steal of a deal) for only 40 bones.

Time: 2:54pm
Location: Opitz Outlet in St. Louis Park
Feeling: so excited (just a little materialistic on my part at this moment, but it is well worth it)
Cost: $41.59

While at Trader Joe's I realized that I really wanted to go to Kowalski's. Trader Joe's doesn't have the red leaf butter lettuce that I like, plus their Mozzarella cheese just isn't all that great. But the real reason I was there was becuase they had pizza dough. After getting a few Items (including wine) we headed off to the next grocery store.

Time: 3:30pm
Location: Trader Joe's
Feeling: my feet are in a lot of pain (at least I got to fill out the slip where you can win $ by brining in your own bag)

Kowalski's was pretty successful except for the fact that they didn't have the brand of chocolate ice cream that I wanted. So it was off to Sebastian Joe's.

Location:Kowlaski's on Hennepin
Feeling: my feet are going to fall off (note to self: never wear 3 inch heals to class)
Cost: $35.40

Sebastian Joe's to get Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream
Time: 4:19pm
Location: Sebastian Joe's
Feeling: In pain (tried bribing Tera to let me borrow her shoes while I ran in, she wasn't having it)
Cost: $4.00

I made it in the house and threw my shoes off. For my night class I decided to wear really comfortable boots and a nice warm puffy jacket (a much smarter choice on my part).

Class got out at 8:10 and I drove Whitney home. Burton came over for dinner and we made a homemade pizza. He brought crackers and cheese and wine (can you tell he is from Wisconsin?) our pizza had fresh tomatoes, basil, garlic, mozzarella, feta, and pine nuts on it. For dessert I made espresso (bad idea for a tuesday night) and poured it over a big scoop of ice cream. Then I topped it with whip cream. mmm every thing tasted good.

Daily Total: $118.29

January 28, 2008

Day Five

I just finished yoga, which is always a great time, and then went to work. We are not supposed to eat until after class so when I got to work I ate an apple bar and a Crystal Light Iced Tea.

Ross and I went to Caribou to get a coffee at 2:33. They had coupons for $1.00 off a dulce de leche, so thats what I got. It was pretty good but now I am feeling a little jittery...

Time: 2:33pm
Location: Caribou near the Daily
Feeling: Tired, Restless
Cost: $3.00

After work I drove to St. Paul for an NSAC meeting. Before the meeting I stopped at Lori's for some soup and bread.

Time: 7:00p.m.
Location: St. Paul
Feeling: Starving
Cost: $4.00

I stopped at Burton's to go over a logo for his parents boat then headed to Down Time with my roommates (Tera and Ashleigh). My Friend Brandon was playing in a band at 11:00 and I wanted to see his show. Ashleigh paid for the first round (and only round on my part. I was the driver).

Location: Downtime bar
Feeling: Enjoying the music while drinking a beer. (I want to go see shows more often)
Cost: Free

Daily Total: $7.00

January 27, 2008

Day Four

This morning I woke up at 11 to my sister calling me to come over for breakfast. I drove to Kari's for some delicious pancakes, cinnamon rolls, coffee, and La croix. Now I am sitting on my couch watching Tv while trying to take a nap.

Location: St. Paul
Cost: Free

I just got done napping for a few hours. I took a shower then wrote Tera a bunch of checks for rent (525), parking (60), Electric ($5), gas and cable and internet ($56.31). Now i am about to eat some dinner (cheese veggies and pasta) and then go to a coffee shop to work on homework.

Time: 6:30-7:30
Location: my house
Feeling: broke/ worried about money
Cost: $641.61

Just got to the Daily to do homework and work. Tera and I stopped at McDonalds quick for a carmel sunday. mmmm.

Time: 8:15
Location: McDonalds in Dinkytown
Feeling: Sweet tooth
Cost: $1.07

Daily Total: $642.68

January 26, 2008

Day Three

So I woke up this morning at around 9ish to get home for NSAC. When I got home I ate another cupcake. Tasted just as good as last night. Then on the way to NSAC Tera and I passed Bruegger’s and Tera wanted to go in. I knew if I didn’t get anything I would be jealous so I got a spinach and cheese omelet on a whole grain bagel and pomegranate cherry juice. Mmmm.

Time: 11:00am
Location: East Bank
Feeling: Thirsty
Cost: $5.48

After NSAC, it was time for some snowboarding. Tera and I picked up our friends Adam and Burton and head off to Welch. on our way we stopped at the gas station for gas (Tera drove) and Burton went in and got some drinks, including a diet coke with lime for me!

I have a season pass for the winter (100 bones), so I didn't have to pay a thing. Except of course for the booze. After the first run Tera and I were feeling a bit stiff and needed a drink. I bought our first round and then The boys bought the second. When we were finished boarding we had another drink in the parking lot (Burton brought the beers) and headed to Dan's Bar and Grill. I got a grilled cheese with tomatoes and fries, and a Honey Wies. Since we had our snowboarding passes from the day we got 2 for 1 drinks.

Time: 3:00-9:30pm
Location:Red Wind MN (aka Welch)
Feeling: excited and frozen
Cost: $19.92 ($11.42-dinner/$8.50-drinks at welch)

We got home around 10ish and quick took showers and got ready. Burton and Adam went home to get ready and then came back to get us. Burton drove my car downtown and we parked at the parking ramp for $4 ($1.00 each). We went to Imperial Room and then Brothers to meet up with people. I was pretty tired at this point and was sober, and unimpressed with being downtown. Burton bought me a long Island to keep me awake until bar close.

Time: 11:30-2:00
Location: Downtown
Feeling: Tired
Cost: $1.00

Daily Total:$26.40

January 25, 2008

Day Two

I woke up at around 7ish for my Travels with Type class. For breakfast I had a piece of toast and a shot of espresso. At around 8:10 Whitney came and picked me up for class. We parked in the carpool parking lot on the west bank for $2.00 (one bone each).

Time: 7:00 am-8:30am
Location: home to Wilson Library
Feeling: Chipper
Cost: $1.00

During class I saw other people eating so I decided to eat my "This Apple Walked into a Bar" bar. Class ended at 11:15 so I jumped on the campus connector and headed to work at the Daily. I packed pasta and ate it around 12:30ish. (It's the pasta I made last night. It has mozzarella, tomato, basil, sun dried tomatoes, and pine nuts in it). My pasta was d-lish, I just wish I had more salt to put on it. (side note: I also really liked the jar I put it in this morning. It's a gelato jar I got at the grocery store a while ago. I think it made my lunch looked so nice and appetizing)! I got done with work at 4:30 and took the campus connecter back to the west bank to meet up with my friend Evan. He works at the law school and said that he could take me home today (go green team)!

After work I went home and ate a little more homemade pasta and warm chai. I jumped in the shower and got dressed as soon as possible to meet up with my sister. She is visiting a friend in St. Paul for the weekend and we are doing a girls night.

When I got to Kari’s my sister gave me my early b-day present. I got a nice pair of earrings from both of my sisters (I hope I don't loose them). Then she gave me a nice bag of clothes she didn’t like anymore (lucky me). Oh, and my mom made me some nice peanut butter cupcakes for my house. After doing a little hot tubing, drinking (Vodka Red Bulls, Miller Light, and Bare Foot Champaign), and eating a lot of food (Hungary Jacks Pizza, and homemade cupcakes) we finally went to bed around 1. While in the hot top we listened to a Cities 97 cd which was really good.

Time: 6:00-1:00am
Location: St. Paul
Feeling: Drunk and happy
Cost: priceless!

Daily total: $1.00

Trader Joe's




January 24, 2008

Day One

I am really excited to start keeping records of my of my consumer needs and wants. I have been trying to save money lately, but for some reason I just can’t stop buying stuff. The day before this class began, my friend and I worked on figuring out where all my money was going. I came to the conclusion that I love grocery stores, socializing at restaurants, and drinking espresso at coffee shops. So this next month of looking for patterns in my life will be very educational for me. I am a little nervous that I will find more habits that I need to work on after this month. So it’s time to get started:

So I woke up around 10. Had a piece of toast and left the house. I drive to school or work everyday, which is not very green of me, but I am not a fan of the bus either. I was feeling pretty lucky because today all the lights were green and I found a FREE parking spot by my work (on the east bank). Since I found such prime parking I decided to take the campus connecter to class instead of driving.

Time: 10am-noon
Location: Loring Park to The Daily
Feeling: Lucky
Cost: Free (my gas tank is full)

Right now I am at a Lori’s drinking a medium skim chai (my favorite drink here). I need a little pick-me-up before class starts and I have been craving a sweet drink all morning.

Time: 12:00
Location: St. Paul
Feeling: Cold and tired
Cost: $3.00

I went to work after class, then drove home during rush hour (bad idea). At home I drank a little hot chocolate with whip cream and then had a cheese quesadilla for dessert.

At around 6:00 Tera and I decided to take a little trip to Trader Joes to stock up on wine. I am like a kid in a candy shop when it comes to grocery stores, I never leave empty handed. So instead of sticking to wine I ended up buying groceries as well. While in the store a man was giving out wine samples, all of which were too expensive for me to actually buy.

Time: 6:54-7:10pm
Location: St. Louis Park
Feeling: happy (free wine samples) and cold
Cost: food= $24.46

Once we got back, Tera whipped up some potato skins and we had some wine. Burton came over and we did some homework. Then I made a cold pasta for lunch tomorrow.

Daily Total: $37.26