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Day Eight


The show opens with a narrator giving a brief description of the history of the American Gladiator. Then with great enthusiasm they let the audience know that they are back and “its going to be bigger and badder� then ever before. The narrator tells the audience of what’s to come in the future of performance.

“It’s the ultimate battle of David and Goliath where 24 mortals compete to become the ultimate gladiator� This powerful statement informs the viewer that its going to be the ultimate (modern) fight of good vs. evil. Once they are done hyping up the show, they begin to introduce the characters:

Each Gladiator walks out on stage and is introduced. Either through body language, facial expressions, apparel, or grunts the audience begins to gain an understanding of each character. For example Wolf howls as he is introduced. Everything about him is animal like; his apparel, hygiene, facial expressions, down to his name. Every action, facial expression, or appearance reinforces their characters role in the performance.

Next, the 24 mortals are introduced. They give brief bios on the characters that are up to battle. They do this to allow the viewer to relate to these ordinary characters. For example they have “skater dad Chad� playing up against “Anthony who puts out fire.� These average Joe’s are just like us and they are ready to battle.

Everything about the show is a theatrical performance. It’s a story of good vs. evil where mortals battle it out to become the ultimate gladiator. Each character has a specific role in the performance and their body language, appearance, facial expressions, and name give it all away.

So Tera is making eggs for Ashleigh, Dan and I. Mmmmm it's great having roommates. Its around 10:30ish and we have class in a little over an hour. I am not looking forward to freezing all day.

Dan drove us to class this morning and dropped us off at Lori's for coffee. Luckily we arrived just in time to find Daniel was already on top of it. So we left Lori's without spending a dime.

After Class I took a bus home with Tera. It was a little field trip for me, I am not a bus person normally. I was excited at first and then I started getting bus sick. The people watching was amazing though. There was a hoytie toytie lady that got on the bus decked out in a fur coat, lipstick, and of course a Starbuck's latte. HIlarious.

Time: 2:00
Location: Bus # 3
Feeling: a little bus sick and
Cost: $1.50

I came home read a book and then passed out for a long long time. I woke up to my friend Katie calling to see what the plan is for the night. I jumped in the shower started my laundry and then ate a grilled cheese sandwich (with tomato and avacado). Then Katie and Andrea came over for girl talk.

We just ate dessert (Ice cream with espresso and whipped cream). Now we are drinking wine and eating cheese. Gossip, wine, and cheese, what more could a girl ask for.