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Day Four

This morning I woke up at 11 to my sister calling me to come over for breakfast. I drove to Kari's for some delicious pancakes, cinnamon rolls, coffee, and La croix. Now I am sitting on my couch watching Tv while trying to take a nap.

Location: St. Paul
Cost: Free

I just got done napping for a few hours. I took a shower then wrote Tera a bunch of checks for rent (525), parking (60), Electric ($5), gas and cable and internet ($56.31). Now i am about to eat some dinner (cheese veggies and pasta) and then go to a coffee shop to work on homework.

Time: 6:30-7:30
Location: my house
Feeling: broke/ worried about money
Cost: $641.61

Just got to the Daily to do homework and work. Tera and I stopped at McDonalds quick for a carmel sunday. mmmm.

Time: 8:15
Location: McDonalds in Dinkytown
Feeling: Sweet tooth
Cost: $1.07

Daily Total: $642.68