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Day Seven

I decided that I needed to spend less money after yesterdays expensive festivities. For breakfast Burton made eggs, hemp bread (aka toast), and a shot of espresso to go.

I forgot I wasn't supposed to eat before yoga but my body took it like a champ. I went to work shortly after yoga and had a cereal bar as a snack. Then for lunch I packed a soda and a greek salad. I am doing pretty well not spending any money so far, congrats to me! I am waiting for Burton to come pick me up (his car wouldn't start this morning).

For dinner I made another pizza for Tera, Burton, Dan, and I. Now I am at a coffee shop trying to work on homework (not going so well). I got a blood orange tea

Time: 8:45
Location: The Beat (uptown)
Feeling: Tired
Cost: $3.75

Total Cost: $3.75