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Day Three

So I woke up this morning at around 9ish to get home for NSAC. When I got home I ate another cupcake. Tasted just as good as last night. Then on the way to NSAC Tera and I passed Bruegger’s and Tera wanted to go in. I knew if I didn’t get anything I would be jealous so I got a spinach and cheese omelet on a whole grain bagel and pomegranate cherry juice. Mmmm.

Time: 11:00am
Location: East Bank
Feeling: Thirsty
Cost: $5.48

After NSAC, it was time for some snowboarding. Tera and I picked up our friends Adam and Burton and head off to Welch. on our way we stopped at the gas station for gas (Tera drove) and Burton went in and got some drinks, including a diet coke with lime for me!

I have a season pass for the winter (100 bones), so I didn't have to pay a thing. Except of course for the booze. After the first run Tera and I were feeling a bit stiff and needed a drink. I bought our first round and then The boys bought the second. When we were finished boarding we had another drink in the parking lot (Burton brought the beers) and headed to Dan's Bar and Grill. I got a grilled cheese with tomatoes and fries, and a Honey Wies. Since we had our snowboarding passes from the day we got 2 for 1 drinks.

Time: 3:00-9:30pm
Location:Red Wind MN (aka Welch)
Feeling: excited and frozen
Cost: $19.92 ($11.42-dinner/$8.50-drinks at welch)

We got home around 10ish and quick took showers and got ready. Burton and Adam went home to get ready and then came back to get us. Burton drove my car downtown and we parked at the parking ramp for $4 ($1.00 each). We went to Imperial Room and then Brothers to meet up with people. I was pretty tired at this point and was sober, and unimpressed with being downtown. Burton bought me a long Island to keep me awake until bar close.

Time: 11:30-2:00
Location: Downtown
Feeling: Tired
Cost: $1.00

Daily Total:$26.40