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Day Two

I woke up at around 7ish for my Travels with Type class. For breakfast I had a piece of toast and a shot of espresso. At around 8:10 Whitney came and picked me up for class. We parked in the carpool parking lot on the west bank for $2.00 (one bone each).

Time: 7:00 am-8:30am
Location: home to Wilson Library
Feeling: Chipper
Cost: $1.00

During class I saw other people eating so I decided to eat my "This Apple Walked into a Bar" bar. Class ended at 11:15 so I jumped on the campus connector and headed to work at the Daily. I packed pasta and ate it around 12:30ish. (It's the pasta I made last night. It has mozzarella, tomato, basil, sun dried tomatoes, and pine nuts in it). My pasta was d-lish, I just wish I had more salt to put on it. (side note: I also really liked the jar I put it in this morning. It's a gelato jar I got at the grocery store a while ago. I think it made my lunch looked so nice and appetizing)! I got done with work at 4:30 and took the campus connecter back to the west bank to meet up with my friend Evan. He works at the law school and said that he could take me home today (go green team)!

After work I went home and ate a little more homemade pasta and warm chai. I jumped in the shower and got dressed as soon as possible to meet up with my sister. She is visiting a friend in St. Paul for the weekend and we are doing a girls night.

When I got to Kari’s my sister gave me my early b-day present. I got a nice pair of earrings from both of my sisters (I hope I don't loose them). Then she gave me a nice bag of clothes she didn’t like anymore (lucky me). Oh, and my mom made me some nice peanut butter cupcakes for my house. After doing a little hot tubing, drinking (Vodka Red Bulls, Miller Light, and Bare Foot Champaign), and eating a lot of food (Hungary Jacks Pizza, and homemade cupcakes) we finally went to bed around 1. While in the hot top we listened to a Cities 97 cd which was really good.

Time: 6:00-1:00am
Location: St. Paul
Feeling: Drunk and happy
Cost: priceless!

Daily total: $1.00