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February 29, 2008

Day Thirty-Six

This morning I woke up, Dropped Burton off at Carlson, and headed to campus to work on homework. In class Ross, Bobby, and Greg brought treats: cookies and juice.

After class, Whitney and I continued to work on homework. Finally at 4:00 I went home to eat lunch. I was starving so I had a salad, a few bowls of cereal, and mandarin oranges. I did some more homework and then headed to an NSAC meeting at 7:00.

After my meeting I made a little popcorn and rushed to Whitney's for Lost. I am about to go home and work on more homework! What a day!

Daily Total: $0

February 27, 2008

Day Thirty-Five

After yoga this morning I went to get some groceries. I went to Trader Joes first, then Whole foods for my spring mix and sparkling water, and finally to Rainbow.

TIme: 10:36am
Location:Trader Joe's
Feeling: hungry
Cost: $13.35

Time: 11:00
Location: Whole Foods
Feeling: still hungry

Time: 11:17
Location: Rainbow
Feeling: starving
Cost: $5.49

after grocery shopping I went home ate a salad and took a shower. Before leaving for work I made a chai to go! mmm mmm good!

after the Daily, I went home and ate dinner (Spanish Rice). Then headed to Burton's to hang out!

Daily Total: $28.01

February 26, 2008

Day Thirty-Four

So it's no longer my b-day. I don't feel any older either.

I had a banana disc for breakfast and now I am in McNeal catching up on my e-mails. I am feeling a little stressed because I feel so far behind in everything right now!

After class I went home and ate toast with cheese and tomato. Oh, and another banana disc of course. THen I went to a doctors apt and came home and ate another banana disc.

NOw I am at Dunn Bros working on homework and deciding what I want to drink. I am thinking tea.

Time: 6:52pm
Location: Dunn Bros
Feeling:Tired and sore from yoga
Cost: $2.00

February 25, 2008

Day Thirty-Three

Happy Birthday to me!

So I went to yoga this morning and then home to shower and get ready for work. for breakfast I had a chai and the rest of my b-day cake. On my way to work I decided to stop at Cupcake to get two co-workers cupcakes for their b-day's. I treated myself to a small skim latte with an extra shot of espresso.

TIme: 12:07 pm
Location: Cupcake
Feeling: great, its my b-day
Cost: $9.00

For lunch I ate two banana discs and cheese and crackers. I bought a water from the soda machine and a Power Ade came out with it. How lucky am I?

Time: 1:37
Location: The Daily
Feeling: Lucky... 2 for 1
Cost: $1.25

I am heading to the Purple Onion now to meet up with Whitney.

After the P.O. I headed home and worked on NSAC stuff. Burton came over at 6:30ish and we headed to St. Paul to go eat a cheeseburger at The Nook (I haven't ate meet since Thanksgiving).

When we fist past the place I told Burton that it looked like no one was there so we should go someplace else. He was sure it would be packed, and sure enough he was right! I got the cheesburger with mushrooms and onions and 2 blue moons. It was really weird eating meet again.

After Dinner we went to the Riverside theater to see Charlie WIlson's War. It wasn't as good as I thought it was going to be and the chairs were less comfortable then they were last time we were there.

For my b-day Burton got us tickets for Big Headed Todd and the Monsters. He also gave me his sweatshirt that I told him I was stealing from him.

I had a great night!

Day Thirty-Two

Its my b-day tomorrow!

At 11 we went all went to Loring Pasta Par for Brunch. It's only 10.95 with your student ID. I myself had three plates full. Since it was my b-day Tera and Carla paid for my meal!

I went back home and took a long nap while attempting to watch A River Runs Through It. I woke up at 5ish and Burton and I went on a walk around Lake of the Isles. It's really nice outside today, so It was fun to get outside after these past few weeks of freezing weather.

At 7:00 we had a meeting at the Kitty Cat Klub. I got two glasses of wine and fries.

Time: 6:51
Location: Kitty Cat Klub
Feeling: exited to meet about design
Cost: $14.35

Next stop, Walgreen's for a few necessities, including a book of the top restaurants in the twin cities.

Time: 8:29pm
Location: Walgreen's
Feeling: ...
Cost: $45.82

afterwards My cousin picked Tera and I up and we went to a coffee shop. Her neighbor works at the Wild Roast Cafe
Time: 9:12pm
Location: Wilde Roast Cafe
Feeling: caffeinated

Now I am in the parking lot of Dun Bros Catching up on my blogs and reading my e-mails. We canceled our internet.

Daily Total: $63.65

B-Day Cheeseburger


February 24, 2008

Day Thirty-One

Burton and I made eggs for breakfast and then Tera and I went to NSAC. We finished at around 3 and headed to Whole Foods because originally we were thirsty and wanted to go to McDonalds for a fountain soda. I went the wrong way and we ended up by Whole Foods instead. They had a ton of samples. According to our reading, 95% of people who sample food buy it. And I defiantly fall into that category. The cheese on sample was amazing, it was a garlic basil white cheese and it is probably one of the best cheeses I have ever eaten. Anyways, I ended up but three different cheeses, a salmon salad for dinner, and a bunch of sparkling waters on sale for .67.

Time: 4:32pm
Location: Whole Foods
Feeling: excited about the samples
Cost: $19.95

After Whole Foods We went back home and cleaned. At around 7 I showered and started getting ready for the evening. We were celebrating my b-day because its really on a Monday. People started coming over around 9 and we did a little drinking and eating cheese and crackers. My mom also sent me a package of Miami Beach Birthday cake, Banana discs, the Be book, and two movies (Legends of the fall and A River Runs Through It).

We ended up going to VFW's for Karaoke night. At the end of the night they always sing the "And Im proud to be an American" song which is always a good ending to the night.

Daily Total: $19.95

February 22, 2008

Day Thirty

It's my mom's birthday today!

I woke up, ate my cinnamon roll, went home, showered, and went to class. I was determined to find free parking so I was late to class by ten minutes.

After class I came to work and ate my lunch (same as the past few days). Niki passed her portfolio review and there are at least 7 birthdays this coming week so she brought cupcakes. I had 2 and I am thinking about taking one to go.

After work I went home, read, did my laundry, and then went over to the girls house to eat free pizza. Andrea had a coupon, so she shared the wealth. We did a little drinking and then Burton picked me up to go to a house party. One of his friends was having a party for their birthday so we decided it would be fun to check it out.

Daily Total: $0

February 21, 2008

Day Twenty-Nine

For breakfast I ate two pieces of my hemp bread and a chai. Then for a snack during class I ate two Granola bars. For lunch a ate a large mozzarella and tomato sandwich and now I am thinking of getting either another chai or a pepermint white mocha.

I am starting to think that my life revolves around food. I think about it all the time, and I love the taste. I need to stop spending so much money on food all the time. And I also need to cut back on my food intake. I dont workout right now because it is too cold for me and I don't want to take the time and go to a gym....

Alright, I have decided. I am either going to Caribou or Lori's and then to work!

So I ended up going to Caribou and getting the special for one dollar off (my last coupon). Instead of going into work, I just stayed at Caribou and did it there.

Location: Caribou
Feeling: jittery (too sweet for me)

After Caribou Burton picked me up with my car and then I dropped him off at his car. Then I did a little shopping at Macy's. I bought some perfume and underwear.

Location: Macy's in Roseville
Feeling: excited to go shopping. havent shopped in a long time

On my way home from shopping, I still felt in the mood to buy so I went the the Bibelot. I was looking for a birthday card for my mom and some lucky turtles that I give away as presents to my friends. I couldnt find a card so I just bought 2 lucky turtles. They didnt come with the card that tells about how lucky it is.

Location: Bibelot
Feeling: inspired, i love that store

From Bibelot I went to Lunds but couldnt find anything there to eat. So instead I went to Panera for a Greek salad. I told the guy it was my birthday on monday and he decided to let me pick out any dessert for free. Then he also threw in a cookie because he was bored.

Time :
Location: Panera
Feeling: lucky, free food
Cost: $ 5.56

I took my food to-go and rushed to Whitney's house. I was a half an hour late for lost but she filled me in on a commercial. When lost was over we did a little homework, and I went over to Burton's.

February 20, 2008

Day Twenty-Eight

So far I haven't spent a dime. But I am sure that will change within the hour, I am getting a little tired.

After Yoga I went to Dunn Bros for a water and had two granola bars. Then when I got to work I ate the rest of my Cadbury eggs. I am feeling a little sick right now of course but I will bounce back after I eat lunch.

For lunch I ate my fociccia sandwich with tomatoes, garlic, mozzarella, pine nuts, and spring greens. I toasted it at work and it tasted amazing.

Burton picked me up around 5:30 and we went back to my place. He made an Indian dish for dinner that was spicy but delicious (peas with some sauce and then something mushy that you dip bread into). After dinner he left and I started writing my paper.

There was an eclipse outside that is only seen every hundred years. The sun is behind the earth and the eclipse is the shadow. The red dot to the left of the moon is saturn. So I went to look at it around 9:30 and was planning on looking at it again around midnight but I was already in bed by then!

Daily Total: $0

February 19, 2008

Day Twenty-Seven

This morning I woke up at around 9 to get ready to go shopping for my "Splurchase." Tera and I went to Rainbow because I haven't shopped there since last year. I also needed toothpaste which I got on sale. But for my Splurchase I got Cadbury eggs (I also got granola bars because I have never bought them at Kowalski's and they remind me of last year at rainbow.)

Time 10:48am
Location: Rainbow
Feeling: nervous, did I get the best splurchase
Cost: $7.99

I just finished class and printed out my free Noodles dish. Yesterday at work I spent some time become members of free birthday clubs at various restaurants. Noodles was kind enough to send me my free dish before my birthday so I am going to go get my free lunch right now.

I also am feeling a little nauseous right now because I ate way too much chocolate this morning. Tera bought the Cadbury eggs so I ate a bunch of those and then Chelsea gave me a sample of her chocolate bar. Also before class I ate a "This apple walked into a bar" and a Granola bar.... I need something with substance. I also need to stop eating so much junk!

For lunch at noodles I got the trio. I got pesto noodles with shrimp. For my side I got the caesar salad. I decided to try something new because it was free.

After class I went to work for a few hours and ate more Cadbury eggs. Then I headed to my portfolio class for the evening,

After Class Tera and I stopped at Kowalski's for some lunch food for tomorrow. I got an Artisan loaf of bread, a few tomatoes, and a ball of mozzarella all for under ten bones.

Time: 8:57pm
Location: Kowalski's
Feeling: Nervous (my insurance expired at Walgreen's, my mom is going to fix it tomorrow)
Cost: $9.69

Daily Total: $17.68

Day Twenty-Six

It's Monday so I head to yoga and then go back home to shower. Tera Was feeling sick this morning so I quick stop at Kowalski's on the way home to get her some Ginger Ale.

Time: 10:23
Location: Kowalski's
Feeling: cold
Cost: $1.34

I make some toast and heat up my left overs for breakfast then shower and go to work. At work I eat the shrimp pasta I made for dinner last night.

Burton calls me at 3:30ish because he needs to take his car into the shop. So I pick him up and then we go to Panera for a snack. We split a greek salad and tomato soup combo.

Now I am at Overflow Espresso Cafe doing homework until 6:30 when I head to NSAC.

TIme: 4:56pm
Location: Overflow Espresso Cafe
Feeling: my back is killing me
Cost: 2.73 (skim latte)

I also Paid my Centerpoint energy bill right after I finished blogging.

Time: 5:37
Location: Overflow Espresso Cafe (CenterPoint Energy)
Feeling: I really need to start budgeting
Cost: $10.58

I then went to NSAC and ate a cupcake. We were finished around 9pm and then Burton picked me up with my car and we went back to my house and finished the leftovers from the night before. mmmm..

Daily Total: $14.65

February 17, 2008

Day Twenty-Five

After a long night of drinking everyone started waking up around 9am. Tera still a little drunk suggests we go to Uptown Cafe for Breakfast. Tera continues to drink while everyone else decides they need water instead. I got the Veggie Breakfast, and it hit the spot (a bed of hash-browns with veggies, scrambled eggs, and two pieces of toast). The day after I drink I become a garbage disposal so I finish everything on my plate. Tera tries to beat me but can't even get close (she blames it on the Bloodies, I say she weak). Adam picks up the check which was very sweet of him and we head home to get ready for snowboarding.

Burton brings gets ready and fills up my gas for me (using my credit card of course). He didnt get a reciept but told me that the gas was 28 bones.

TIme: 2:00pm
Location: a gas station
Feeling: Happy I wasn't there
Cost: $28.00

We end up leaving at around 3 and snowboard for a little while before heading to the bar for a few birthday drinks and cheese curds (the Wisconsin version of cake).

Time: 5:30pm
Location: Welch bar
Feeling: good, its a great day out
Cost: $ 20.07

After a few more runs we head to the car to drink a few brews in the parking lot. Burton brought his beer bat (his version of a beer bong) to celebrate.

we get home aroung 8:00pm and I make us all dinner. A pasta with garlic shrimp, basil, pine nuts, spinach, tomatoes, and feta. For dessert meghan (Tera's friend) brings us cookies and we smoosh them up in ice cream.

Tera is passed out by 10:30 on her big day... haha

Daily Total: $48.07

February 16, 2008

Day Twenty-Four

After waking up at around 9, Tera was kind enough to make us omelets on her party night. Her Birthday is tomorrow. At 1:00pm we headed to NSAC in St. Paul for a meeting. Dan brought us some Coke zero that we drank to keep us awake. Finally at 4:30ish we finished up our meeting and headed home.

I took a little nap, ate, and then started getting ready. Tera was talking all day about how at work they had chocolate covered strawberries left over from valentine's day and she didn't get to eat one. So while she was showering I told her I needed to get gas, but really I went shopping. I hit up Kowalski's and they just happened to have three left. The guy at the counter didn't know how much they were so he charged me .50 per strawberry (these berries were huge with both white and dark chocolate on them).

Time: 7:45
Location: Kowalski's
Feeling: Rushed (I wasnt ready yet and dinner was at 8)
Cost: $1.61

Feeling rushed, I decided we really needed champaign to go with the strawberries. I quickly stopped at Lowry Hill Liquor for a bottle. Knowing nothing about champaign, I found a reasonable price range and then bought the nicest looking bottle.

Time: 7:55pm
Location: Lowry HIll
Feeling: even more rushed
Cost: $16.98

I picked up Whitney then headed home to finish getting ready. We finally made it to the boys house at 8:30 (we originally planned on eating at 7:30). Everyone was starving, except for me of course (I ate a late lunch). Tera chose this "finer diner" name Town Talk Diner. They wern't kidding about the word finer. They did an amazing job with presentation, and everything was homemade. We had cheese curds as an appetizer and for dinner I got a caesar salad with flakes of parmesan cheese on top. The food was good and the portions were larger than they appeared. Some meals came with garlic fries and a few people didnt like them so I became the garbage collector.

Time: 10:43pm
Location: Town Talk Diner
Feeling: stuffed
Cost: $20.07

Next stop, CC Club. I drove us all there and then left my car there for the rest of the night. Whitney bought a pitcher and a shot for us. Then I bought the next round.

Time: 1:07am
Location: CC Club
Feeling: Tipsy
Cost: $16.00

Last stop for the birthday celebration, Red Dragon. Tera was already wasted at this point and someone was already ontop of getting her a drink. So I bout myself a french lemonade. It was incredibly deceiving because I couldnt tell there was alcohol in it it tasted so sweet and good. So I slurped it down not realizing how much it would hit me in a few minutes.

Time: 1:56am
Location: Red Dragon
Feeling: wasted
Cost: $8.00

Thinking we were much closer to home, five of us decided to walk home. The walk was incredibly entertaining because Adam and Tera were 23 sheets to the wind. There were a few snow fights and several close calls on falling over. It was a great night! Happy Birthday Tera...

Daily Total: $62.66

February 15, 2008

Day Twenty-Three

Class was canceled this morning. Yeah... I went right back to bed and then headed to work.

At work I brought my left overs from the night before. I worked until 5:30ish and then went home and took another nap.

When I woke up I made popcorn and had a cider beer from our shopping excursion. I also ate some pesto and made a small malt.

Burton came over at around 9ish and we did some homework until 10:30.

Tera was working at Brit's so we went to visit her for a drink. She didn't charge us for the drinks and Burton gave her a tip so I didn't have to spend a dime all day! That was a first in a long time.

Daily Total: $0

February 14, 2008

Day Twenty-Two

This morning I was planning on waking up at 8 to go to work. But of course I slept in. I made a waffle and made some peanut butter with sugar sandwiches to eat for lunch later.

When I got to class Kelsey made us delicious brownies.

After class I stopped at Cupcake for a skim latte. The cupcakes looked so delicious so I got 4 of them (For Burton, Tera, and possibly Andrew).

Time 2:04pm
Location: Cupcake
Feeling: generous. it's v-day.
Cost: $11.82

Burton called me around 5:30 and we headed over to Trader Joe's for some groceries. We wanted to make a shrimp dish so I got the ingredients and then headed to the wine section. Burton payed for the food and I got the drinks. While in the liquor store, they were sampling wine and beer. I got sucked in and bought a cider beer that tasted pretty delicious (or maybe it was that I was starving). I also got 2 bottles of three buck Chuck.

Time 6:44pm
Location: Trader Joe's
Feeling: Happy and excited to make dinner
Cost: $13.07

So I really wanted a baguette with the dinner so We stopped at Kowalski's for a french Baguette. I ran in, but of course got distracted by the desserts. I thought It would be fun to make chocolate malts after dinner. So I got ice cream and milk also.

TIme: 7:02
Location: Kowalskis
Feeling: sweet tooth
Cost: $ 10.07

On our drive home, Burton's mom called. She was in town for the night and wanted to take us all out to dinner (he has two older brothers that are both married). We went home, put the groceries away, and got picked up by his brother. We went to this delicious Thi place and I ordered a veggie meal that was soo good but also soo hot.

After dinner we ate the malts anyways and went to bed. Great night!

Daily total: $34.96

February 13, 2008

Day Twenty-One

This Morning I started the day out, like every other day, with yoga. After yoga I went home to shower and eat before going to work. While at work Ross and I went to get coffee at Caribou. He bought my coffee because I left my wallet in the car.

TIme: 1:17pm
Location: Caribou
Feeling: tired. I need a little pick me up
Cost Free. (but I owe Ross 3 bones)

Right now I am eating a veggie delight sandwich that I made at home (pesto, tomatoes, spinach, and mozzarella.)

after work I went home, made popcorn, and headed to Whitney's to work on a group project. while there I drank La Croix and ate 3 York peppermint patts. So good. We froze them to make them taste even beter!

Daily Total: $0

Day Twenty

I was just thinking in class how I didnt spend any money today. The truth is that I just didn't buy my lunch today which is a huge deal for me. After class however, I headed to Marshalls and picked up a PINK yoga mat. I decided that I am only going to buy necessities in my life from now on. I also decided that yoga is defiantly a must have because it will bring me closer to finding the real me (plus its the only form of exercise that I have right now).

Time 3:19pm
Location: Marshalls
Feeling: pumped about doing yoga in my apt.
Cost: $10.64 (what a deal)

After purchasing my new yoga mat I headed to Barnes and Noble for the "Looking Closer 4" book. I was told that they were going to call me when the book came in, but apparently you just need to go into the store to get the book. So 21 bones later I had my new book (I saved 2.20 with my membership savings card)

Time: 4:17pm
Location: Barnes and Noble
Feeling: excited to have a brand new book
Cost: 21.00

Once I got back to campus I parked on the street and took the connector to the East bank to get coffee. I didnt have any cash on me and I refuse to drink the Java city espresso. I went to Espresso Expose and got a Cafe Meil (honey and cinnamon). Patrick, a guy I work with, said that the owner there was from Italy and he makes the best espresso drinks. So I tried it out and was pretty satisfied with my drink. Except for the fact that I was really craving a peppermint white mocha from Starbucks and this was nowhere as sweet as Starbucks.

Time: 4:55pm
Location: Expresso Expose
Feeling: satisfied
Cost: $3.61

Right now I am going to get a McFlurry with Tera I am really craving something sweet and ice cream sounds like the perfect fix.

So we didnt have time for a McFlurry. Instead we went to Whole Foods and got a few groceries for later (peanut butter, pine nuts, kashi waffles on sale, and popcorn).

Location: Whole Foods
Feeling: like it's summer again (I went here all summer long for the free samples on Sunday)
Cost: $10.61?

Daily Total: $45.86

February 11, 2008

Day Nineteen

Yoga this morning then Breakfast at Bruegger's. I got the spinach and cheddar sandwich on a whole wheat bagel. So good.

TIme: 10:16am
Location: Bruegger's
Feeling: a little nauseous
Cost: $3.29

I worked all day without eating anything else until dinner. At around 4:40 I was feeling pretty hungry and needed to go home and make some din din. I stopped at Kowalski's to make veggie chili because I was starving. But of course I left with many other items (I am going to make pesto later tonight).

Time: 4:55pm
Location: Kowalski's
Feeling: excited to eat warm chili
Cost: $30.60

I am at NSAC right now and Dan brought bagel's mmmm....

I just realized I cant make pesto tonight because I dont have enough pine nuts or any goat cheese.... ohh well....

Daily Total: $33.89

Day Eighteen

So yesterday was the most useless day ever. I was hung over all day and just ate my left over pizza. At around 7:00 I finally went to The Beat and did homework. I got a skim latte and a scotcharoo. I forgot my credit card so Tera had to pay (she owed me money anyways.)

Time: 7:00pm
Location: The Beat
Feeling: a little sick stil
Cost: Free (should have been $5.00)

Daily Total: $0

Day Seventeen

I woke up at Lindsay's house and walked home for breakfast. I made some eggs and then went to NSAC with Tera. Before the meeting we stopped at Lori's for a chai.

TIme: 12:12pm
Location: Lori's
Feeling: not ready for the meeting
Cost: $3.00

After NSAC Tera and I went back home and started moving Tera out of the Living room (where she has been currently living) and into Ashlegih's old room. At around 6:00 Katie and the girls called me over to Oak Grove apt. to have dinner together. Before we went out I made a dipping oil and stopped at Kowalski's for a french baguette.

TIme: 6:15pm
Location: Kowalski's
Feeling: excited to go out
Cost: $1.99

After dinner we were really lazy and didnt want to go out to hardcore so we decided to make it a low key night. We went over to Peter Hohn's friends house and watched the hockey game (well actually I didn't even see a minute of the game). After a while we headed off to this Country Bar and the to the VFW. Both places were karaoke bars that were extremely trashy but we had a great time. I think I only spent around 6 bones on the taxi but the boys we were with got the rest of our drinks. On the taxi ride home we decided to get Pizza Luce (best idea ever).

TIme: 11:00pm
Location: taxi ride to Country Bar
Feeling: drunk
Cost: $5.00

Time: 2:30am
Location: Pizza Luce delivery
Feeling: wasted and hungry
Cost: $21.00 (16.00 for the pizza)

Daily Total: $29.00

February 8, 2008

Day Sixteen

I woke up at 8 for class. Ate 2 pieces of toast and Whitney picked me up. While in class I took a little break for some coffee in the Basement of Wilson Library (The Dunn Bros I used to work at). I got a small skim latte and a water and chatted with Jeff for a bit.

Time: 8:56
Location: Dunn Bros
Feeling: good
Cost: $3.00

After class I went home, showered and ate another panini. When I went to work I ate a cereal bar, some gummie worms, and chex mix that Ross brought in.

Now I am going home to do a little cleaning and then probably getting talked into going out in uptown.

So of course I was talked into going to WIlliams. We pre-drank at Cailin's place with a few gals and then headed to the bar. At the bar I only got one drink which was pretty good.

TIme: 11:11pm
Location: Williams Uptown Pub
Feeling: drunk
Cost: $7.00 (6.01 for drink)

Daily Total: $10.00

February 7, 2008

Day Fifteen

This morning I only had time for a piece of toast and espresso for breakfast. I was really busy at work and finishing homework that I didn't get to eat again (except for my cereal bar in class) until 2:00. Tera, Whitney, and I went to Lori's for a bowl of soup. Tera didn't have cash so I paid for hers + I gave her a dollar for the bus (I am such a good roommate).

Time: 2:15
Location: Lori's
Feeling: confused about morals
Cost: $8.00 (6 for lunch + 1 for tip and 1 for the bus)

After work I went to Lunds to pick up a few groceries for dinner. I made a panini style sandwich with tomato, spinach, garlic, avacado, and pine nuts.

Time: 6:36pm
Location: Lunds
Feeling: tired, but I always am happy when I am in a grocery store
Cost: $21.00

Daily Total: $29.00

February 6, 2008

Day Fourteen

Yoga, then the Daily like always. On my way I stopped at Caribou and got the skim dulce de leche. While at work I ate my cereal bar and La Croix.

TIme: 10:12
Location: Caribou
Feeling: blah
Cost: $2.89

My plan was to eat a Brueggar's salad for lunch. But Ross talked me into Chipotle. If I am spending money on lunch it mine as well be delicious. So I got the vegetarian burrito bowl. I didnt get chips like I normally do to try and be healthier.

Time: 1:26pm
Location: Chipotle
Feeling: excited for delicious food.
Cost: $5.46

By the time I got home and showered it was 6:00. Burton and I were supposed to go to dinner before the movie (Into the WIld), but we ran out of time. Instead we got popcorn and soda and held off until the movie was over.


TIme: 7-10
Location: Riverside theater by Minniehaha falls
Feeling: Great movie, very sad ending. No one told me he dies in the end.
Cost: free

When we got back to my house we had cheese, toast, and Ice cream (quite the combo). great night.

Daily Total: $8.35

February 5, 2008

Day Thirteen

Class was canceled this morning so I picked Whitney up around noon and we went to Barnes and Nobles to look at different business systems. I dropped her off in St. Paul and headed to work. On the way I stopped at Cupcake for a nonfat latte.

Time: 1:42
Location: Cupcake
Feeling: excited to drink a good latte
Cost: $3.32

I also filled up my gas because its a nice day out and the gas was only $2.87 per gallon.

Time: 2:30
Location: Super America
Feeling: the gas prices are lower here then in St. Paul
Cost: $25.71

At work I ate lunch (spanish rice) and a larcroix. Now I am at an NSAC meeting and feeling a little hungry.

I went to class from 6-8 and then went home. My cousin and I were planning a dinner so I waited for her to call to eat. At around 9 I went and picked her up. She lives right by Lunds in North East so we stopped in for spinach, While we were there my cousin mentioned that Adriana Lima was in the store. Her boyfriend (a basketball player) lives above the store and they were downstairs getting groceries. She didn't look that tall because her boyfriend is Ginormous. She was pretty but if my cousin wouldn't have told me that she was a model I would have thought of her a being a normal pretty person. Anyways carla paid for the spinach and we had everyhing else to make the sandwiches (ficosa bread wit h asiago, feta, tomatoes, spinach, and pine nuts). we toasted it up and ate it... mmmm.

Daily Total: 29.03

Day Twelve

I went to yoga like usual this morning without breakfast and then headed to work. On my way to work it was snowing so i decided to stop at Caribou for a nice dulce de leche latte (and I used my dollar off coupon).

Time 10:26
Location: Caribou on Washington
Feeling: Excited about the snow
Cost: $3.00(2.89)

At the Daily I was pretty productive. I got the Love line ads finished which was pretty good for me. I also ate my Cereal bar and drank an Iced tea. At around 2ish Ross and I went to Eddington's for a cup of soup. I got the Tomato Basil (which I always get because it has pine nuts in it) and ross got the Wisconsin Cheese (mine was better). I paid for his because he didn't have any cash on him.

Time: 2:03pm
Location: Eddington's on 4th
Feeling: good
Cost: $8:00 (3.50 a piece)

For dinner I headed to Kowalski's for a few items for dinner. I didn't know what I wanted but as I walked around I decided that Spanish Rice sounded health, cheap, and delicious.

Time: 9:24
Location: Kowalskis
Feeling: hungry and lazy
Cost: $18.64

Daily Total: $29.64

February 3, 2008

Day Eleven

This morning Burton and I bribed Tera into making us Omelets (they were amazing). We went to the winter carnival in St. Paul and saw the melting ice sculptures and then headed to the Daily. On the way there we stopped at Overflow for some coffee and a scotcharoo.

Location: Overflow
Feeling: Not excited to do homework
Cost: $6.00

After I left the Daily I dropped Burton off and headed home for a little cat nap. Nothing puts me to sleep better than a nice game of football (the super bowl to be exact). But I woke up just in time for Tom Petty to play and then did my nail and did a little homework. I turned the game on again for the last 10 minutes of the game which ended up being so exciting. All my roommates were gone and the boys don't like me watching football with me (I wonder why) so I was cheering the Giant on all by my lonesome self. Anyways I made a nice grilled cheese with avocado and a small salad for the last portion of the game and I had a great time.

Daily Total: $6.00

Day Ten

So I passed out last night a little early. I went to my friend Cailin's for a girls night but they wanted to go to Aqua and I wasn't having it. LIndsay, Andrea, and I stayed back and chatted but then around 11:30 I headed home. Burton called me and I told him I could give him and Rob a ride at 2 but by the time he called I was passed out. Oppps.

I ended up waking up at 7 and then putzing until 9ish and eating a piece of toast. I went and picked Tera up on my way to NSAC and we parked in Dinkytown and walked. On our way we passed Blarney's and they had a sign for Bloody Mary's so Tera and I stopped in for breakfast and Bloodies.

Time: 11:00
Location: Blarney's
Feeling: Rejuvenated
Cost: $5.00

After NSAC we picked up Burton for a little ice skating. I have to say I am pretty good at the sport (not really. I suck). On our way to go skating we decided to take a pit stop and McDonalds for a sunday. Mmmm im lovin' it.

Location: McDonalds in uptown
Feeling: Ready to skate and excited for something sweet
Cost: $1.07

When we got back we put a pizza in and took naps for a bit.

Right now I am at Starbuck's with Burton. I got my usual Grande nonfat 2 pump peppermint 2 pump white mocha with whip. sooo good. Afterward we are going back to the boys house to celebrate Evan's LSAT testing today.

Time: 8-10
Location: Starbuck's on Excelcier and Grand
Feeling: happy
Cost: $5.00 (drink=4.16)

After Starbuck's we stopped at The View on Lake Calhoun for a beer (Blue Moon) and appetizers. We got a Margarita pizza and chips and salsa. The salsa had mango and cilantro in it and it tasted delicious.

Time: 10:30-11:20pm
Location: The View
Feeling: a little tired
Cost: Free

We got back to the boys house and drank a little wine before we went out. We decided to go to Stella's which was a change from the usual Williams night. I decided to be generous and buy the boys a round. It was a smart move on my part because I didn't have to get a drink the rest of the night then.

Time: 11:30pm-2:30am
Location: Stella's in Uptown
Feeling: Happy...tipsy...drunk
Cost: $21.00

Daily Total: $32.07

February 1, 2008

Day Nine

I woke up this morning around 8, got ready quickly and ate a piece of toast to go. Whitney picked me up around 8:30 and we parked in the carpooling parking lot. I couldn't keep my eyes open during class, I think it might be the room temperature. I ate a cereal bar and drank a crystal light iced while in class.

After class I took the campus connector to the east bank to get Noodles and Starbucks before work. I was starving at this point but I was also craving a peppermint white mocha with 2 pumps of peppermint, 2 pumps of white mocha, skim with whip.

Time: 11:48 am
Location: Noodles on Washington
Feeling: like I am going to faint
Cost: $7.45

Time: 11:59
Location: Starbucks
Feeling: tired and excited to eat
Cost: $4.50

After work I headed over to Katie's for din din. She made us a salad, and pasta with a red sauce and feta. Delish. She owed me money from a while ago so on her way to pick up one of her friends she bought us a 12 pack of Blue Moon for our Girls night at Cailin's. Drinking for the night. Free...

Daily Total: $11.95