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Day Eleven

This morning Burton and I bribed Tera into making us Omelets (they were amazing). We went to the winter carnival in St. Paul and saw the melting ice sculptures and then headed to the Daily. On the way there we stopped at Overflow for some coffee and a scotcharoo.

Location: Overflow
Feeling: Not excited to do homework
Cost: $6.00

After I left the Daily I dropped Burton off and headed home for a little cat nap. Nothing puts me to sleep better than a nice game of football (the super bowl to be exact). But I woke up just in time for Tom Petty to play and then did my nail and did a little homework. I turned the game on again for the last 10 minutes of the game which ended up being so exciting. All my roommates were gone and the boys don't like me watching football with me (I wonder why) so I was cheering the Giant on all by my lonesome self. Anyways I made a nice grilled cheese with avocado and a small salad for the last portion of the game and I had a great time.

Daily Total: $6.00