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Day Fifteen

This morning I only had time for a piece of toast and espresso for breakfast. I was really busy at work and finishing homework that I didn't get to eat again (except for my cereal bar in class) until 2:00. Tera, Whitney, and I went to Lori's for a bowl of soup. Tera didn't have cash so I paid for hers + I gave her a dollar for the bus (I am such a good roommate).

Time: 2:15
Location: Lori's
Feeling: confused about morals
Cost: $8.00 (6 for lunch + 1 for tip and 1 for the bus)

After work I went to Lunds to pick up a few groceries for dinner. I made a panini style sandwich with tomato, spinach, garlic, avacado, and pine nuts.

Time: 6:36pm
Location: Lunds
Feeling: tired, but I always am happy when I am in a grocery store
Cost: $21.00

Daily Total: $29.00