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Day Fourteen

Yoga, then the Daily like always. On my way I stopped at Caribou and got the skim dulce de leche. While at work I ate my cereal bar and La Croix.

TIme: 10:12
Location: Caribou
Feeling: blah
Cost: $2.89

My plan was to eat a Brueggar's salad for lunch. But Ross talked me into Chipotle. If I am spending money on lunch it mine as well be delicious. So I got the vegetarian burrito bowl. I didnt get chips like I normally do to try and be healthier.

Time: 1:26pm
Location: Chipotle
Feeling: excited for delicious food.
Cost: $5.46

By the time I got home and showered it was 6:00. Burton and I were supposed to go to dinner before the movie (Into the WIld), but we ran out of time. Instead we got popcorn and soda and held off until the movie was over.


TIme: 7-10
Location: Riverside theater by Minniehaha falls
Feeling: Great movie, very sad ending. No one told me he dies in the end.
Cost: free

When we got back to my house we had cheese, toast, and Ice cream (quite the combo). great night.

Daily Total: $8.35