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Day Nineteen

Yoga this morning then Breakfast at Bruegger's. I got the spinach and cheddar sandwich on a whole wheat bagel. So good.

TIme: 10:16am
Location: Bruegger's
Feeling: a little nauseous
Cost: $3.29

I worked all day without eating anything else until dinner. At around 4:40 I was feeling pretty hungry and needed to go home and make some din din. I stopped at Kowalski's to make veggie chili because I was starving. But of course I left with many other items (I am going to make pesto later tonight).

Time: 4:55pm
Location: Kowalski's
Feeling: excited to eat warm chili
Cost: $30.60

I am at NSAC right now and Dan brought bagel's mmmm....

I just realized I cant make pesto tonight because I dont have enough pine nuts or any goat cheese.... ohh well....

Daily Total: $33.89