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Day Seventeen

I woke up at Lindsay's house and walked home for breakfast. I made some eggs and then went to NSAC with Tera. Before the meeting we stopped at Lori's for a chai.

TIme: 12:12pm
Location: Lori's
Feeling: not ready for the meeting
Cost: $3.00

After NSAC Tera and I went back home and started moving Tera out of the Living room (where she has been currently living) and into Ashlegih's old room. At around 6:00 Katie and the girls called me over to Oak Grove apt. to have dinner together. Before we went out I made a dipping oil and stopped at Kowalski's for a french baguette.

TIme: 6:15pm
Location: Kowalski's
Feeling: excited to go out
Cost: $1.99

After dinner we were really lazy and didnt want to go out to hardcore so we decided to make it a low key night. We went over to Peter Hohn's friends house and watched the hockey game (well actually I didn't even see a minute of the game). After a while we headed off to this Country Bar and the to the VFW. Both places were karaoke bars that were extremely trashy but we had a great time. I think I only spent around 6 bones on the taxi but the boys we were with got the rest of our drinks. On the taxi ride home we decided to get Pizza Luce (best idea ever).

TIme: 11:00pm
Location: taxi ride to Country Bar
Feeling: drunk
Cost: $5.00

Time: 2:30am
Location: Pizza Luce delivery
Feeling: wasted and hungry
Cost: $21.00 (16.00 for the pizza)

Daily Total: $29.00