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Day Sixteen

I woke up at 8 for class. Ate 2 pieces of toast and Whitney picked me up. While in class I took a little break for some coffee in the Basement of Wilson Library (The Dunn Bros I used to work at). I got a small skim latte and a water and chatted with Jeff for a bit.

Time: 8:56
Location: Dunn Bros
Feeling: good
Cost: $3.00

After class I went home, showered and ate another panini. When I went to work I ate a cereal bar, some gummie worms, and chex mix that Ross brought in.

Now I am going home to do a little cleaning and then probably getting talked into going out in uptown.

So of course I was talked into going to WIlliams. We pre-drank at Cailin's place with a few gals and then headed to the bar. At the bar I only got one drink which was pretty good.

TIme: 11:11pm
Location: Williams Uptown Pub
Feeling: drunk
Cost: $7.00 (6.01 for drink)

Daily Total: $10.00