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Day Thirty-Three

Happy Birthday to me!

So I went to yoga this morning and then home to shower and get ready for work. for breakfast I had a chai and the rest of my b-day cake. On my way to work I decided to stop at Cupcake to get two co-workers cupcakes for their b-day's. I treated myself to a small skim latte with an extra shot of espresso.

TIme: 12:07 pm
Location: Cupcake
Feeling: great, its my b-day
Cost: $9.00

For lunch I ate two banana discs and cheese and crackers. I bought a water from the soda machine and a Power Ade came out with it. How lucky am I?

Time: 1:37
Location: The Daily
Feeling: Lucky... 2 for 1
Cost: $1.25

I am heading to the Purple Onion now to meet up with Whitney.

After the P.O. I headed home and worked on NSAC stuff. Burton came over at 6:30ish and we headed to St. Paul to go eat a cheeseburger at The Nook (I haven't ate meet since Thanksgiving).

When we fist past the place I told Burton that it looked like no one was there so we should go someplace else. He was sure it would be packed, and sure enough he was right! I got the cheesburger with mushrooms and onions and 2 blue moons. It was really weird eating meet again.

After Dinner we went to the Riverside theater to see Charlie WIlson's War. It wasn't as good as I thought it was going to be and the chairs were less comfortable then they were last time we were there.

For my b-day Burton got us tickets for Big Headed Todd and the Monsters. He also gave me his sweatshirt that I told him I was stealing from him.

I had a great night!