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Day Twelve

I went to yoga like usual this morning without breakfast and then headed to work. On my way to work it was snowing so i decided to stop at Caribou for a nice dulce de leche latte (and I used my dollar off coupon).

Time 10:26
Location: Caribou on Washington
Feeling: Excited about the snow
Cost: $3.00(2.89)

At the Daily I was pretty productive. I got the Love line ads finished which was pretty good for me. I also ate my Cereal bar and drank an Iced tea. At around 2ish Ross and I went to Eddington's for a cup of soup. I got the Tomato Basil (which I always get because it has pine nuts in it) and ross got the Wisconsin Cheese (mine was better). I paid for his because he didn't have any cash on him.

Time: 2:03pm
Location: Eddington's on 4th
Feeling: good
Cost: $8:00 (3.50 a piece)

For dinner I headed to Kowalski's for a few items for dinner. I didn't know what I wanted but as I walked around I decided that Spanish Rice sounded health, cheap, and delicious.

Time: 9:24
Location: Kowalskis
Feeling: hungry and lazy
Cost: $18.64

Daily Total: $29.64