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Day Twenty-One

This Morning I started the day out, like every other day, with yoga. After yoga I went home to shower and eat before going to work. While at work Ross and I went to get coffee at Caribou. He bought my coffee because I left my wallet in the car.

TIme: 1:17pm
Location: Caribou
Feeling: tired. I need a little pick me up
Cost Free. (but I owe Ross 3 bones)

Right now I am eating a veggie delight sandwich that I made at home (pesto, tomatoes, spinach, and mozzarella.)

after work I went home, made popcorn, and headed to Whitney's to work on a group project. while there I drank La Croix and ate 3 York peppermint patts. So good. We froze them to make them taste even beter!

Daily Total: $0