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Day Twenty-Five

After a long night of drinking everyone started waking up around 9am. Tera still a little drunk suggests we go to Uptown Cafe for Breakfast. Tera continues to drink while everyone else decides they need water instead. I got the Veggie Breakfast, and it hit the spot (a bed of hash-browns with veggies, scrambled eggs, and two pieces of toast). The day after I drink I become a garbage disposal so I finish everything on my plate. Tera tries to beat me but can't even get close (she blames it on the Bloodies, I say she weak). Adam picks up the check which was very sweet of him and we head home to get ready for snowboarding.

Burton brings gets ready and fills up my gas for me (using my credit card of course). He didnt get a reciept but told me that the gas was 28 bones.

TIme: 2:00pm
Location: a gas station
Feeling: Happy I wasn't there
Cost: $28.00

We end up leaving at around 3 and snowboard for a little while before heading to the bar for a few birthday drinks and cheese curds (the Wisconsin version of cake).

Time: 5:30pm
Location: Welch bar
Feeling: good, its a great day out
Cost: $ 20.07

After a few more runs we head to the car to drink a few brews in the parking lot. Burton brought his beer bat (his version of a beer bong) to celebrate.

we get home aroung 8:00pm and I make us all dinner. A pasta with garlic shrimp, basil, pine nuts, spinach, tomatoes, and feta. For dessert meghan (Tera's friend) brings us cookies and we smoosh them up in ice cream.

Tera is passed out by 10:30 on her big day... haha

Daily Total: $48.07