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Day Twenty-Four

After waking up at around 9, Tera was kind enough to make us omelets on her party night. Her Birthday is tomorrow. At 1:00pm we headed to NSAC in St. Paul for a meeting. Dan brought us some Coke zero that we drank to keep us awake. Finally at 4:30ish we finished up our meeting and headed home.

I took a little nap, ate, and then started getting ready. Tera was talking all day about how at work they had chocolate covered strawberries left over from valentine's day and she didn't get to eat one. So while she was showering I told her I needed to get gas, but really I went shopping. I hit up Kowalski's and they just happened to have three left. The guy at the counter didn't know how much they were so he charged me .50 per strawberry (these berries were huge with both white and dark chocolate on them).

Time: 7:45
Location: Kowalski's
Feeling: Rushed (I wasnt ready yet and dinner was at 8)
Cost: $1.61

Feeling rushed, I decided we really needed champaign to go with the strawberries. I quickly stopped at Lowry Hill Liquor for a bottle. Knowing nothing about champaign, I found a reasonable price range and then bought the nicest looking bottle.

Time: 7:55pm
Location: Lowry HIll
Feeling: even more rushed
Cost: $16.98

I picked up Whitney then headed home to finish getting ready. We finally made it to the boys house at 8:30 (we originally planned on eating at 7:30). Everyone was starving, except for me of course (I ate a late lunch). Tera chose this "finer diner" name Town Talk Diner. They wern't kidding about the word finer. They did an amazing job with presentation, and everything was homemade. We had cheese curds as an appetizer and for dinner I got a caesar salad with flakes of parmesan cheese on top. The food was good and the portions were larger than they appeared. Some meals came with garlic fries and a few people didnt like them so I became the garbage collector.

Time: 10:43pm
Location: Town Talk Diner
Feeling: stuffed
Cost: $20.07

Next stop, CC Club. I drove us all there and then left my car there for the rest of the night. Whitney bought a pitcher and a shot for us. Then I bought the next round.

Time: 1:07am
Location: CC Club
Feeling: Tipsy
Cost: $16.00

Last stop for the birthday celebration, Red Dragon. Tera was already wasted at this point and someone was already ontop of getting her a drink. So I bout myself a french lemonade. It was incredibly deceiving because I couldnt tell there was alcohol in it it tasted so sweet and good. So I slurped it down not realizing how much it would hit me in a few minutes.

Time: 1:56am
Location: Red Dragon
Feeling: wasted
Cost: $8.00

Thinking we were much closer to home, five of us decided to walk home. The walk was incredibly entertaining because Adam and Tera were 23 sheets to the wind. There were a few snow fights and several close calls on falling over. It was a great night! Happy Birthday Tera...

Daily Total: $62.66