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Day Twenty-Seven

This morning I woke up at around 9 to get ready to go shopping for my "Splurchase." Tera and I went to Rainbow because I haven't shopped there since last year. I also needed toothpaste which I got on sale. But for my Splurchase I got Cadbury eggs (I also got granola bars because I have never bought them at Kowalski's and they remind me of last year at rainbow.)

Time 10:48am
Location: Rainbow
Feeling: nervous, did I get the best splurchase
Cost: $7.99

I just finished class and printed out my free Noodles dish. Yesterday at work I spent some time become members of free birthday clubs at various restaurants. Noodles was kind enough to send me my free dish before my birthday so I am going to go get my free lunch right now.

I also am feeling a little nauseous right now because I ate way too much chocolate this morning. Tera bought the Cadbury eggs so I ate a bunch of those and then Chelsea gave me a sample of her chocolate bar. Also before class I ate a "This apple walked into a bar" and a Granola bar.... I need something with substance. I also need to stop eating so much junk!

For lunch at noodles I got the trio. I got pesto noodles with shrimp. For my side I got the caesar salad. I decided to try something new because it was free.

After class I went to work for a few hours and ate more Cadbury eggs. Then I headed to my portfolio class for the evening,

After Class Tera and I stopped at Kowalski's for some lunch food for tomorrow. I got an Artisan loaf of bread, a few tomatoes, and a ball of mozzarella all for under ten bones.

Time: 8:57pm
Location: Kowalski's
Feeling: Nervous (my insurance expired at Walgreen's, my mom is going to fix it tomorrow)
Cost: $9.69

Daily Total: $17.68