February 13, 2008

Day Twenty

I was just thinking in class how I didnt spend any money today. The truth is that I just didn't buy my lunch today which is a huge deal for me. After class however, I headed to Marshalls and picked up a PINK yoga mat. I decided that I am only going to buy necessities in my life from now on. I also decided that yoga is defiantly a must have because it will bring me closer to finding the real me (plus its the only form of exercise that I have right now).

Time 3:19pm
Location: Marshalls
Feeling: pumped about doing yoga in my apt.
Cost: $10.64 (what a deal)

After purchasing my new yoga mat I headed to Barnes and Noble for the "Looking Closer 4" book. I was told that they were going to call me when the book came in, but apparently you just need to go into the store to get the book. So 21 bones later I had my new book (I saved 2.20 with my membership savings card)

Time: 4:17pm
Location: Barnes and Noble
Feeling: excited to have a brand new book
Cost: 21.00

Once I got back to campus I parked on the street and took the connector to the East bank to get coffee. I didnt have any cash on me and I refuse to drink the Java city espresso. I went to Espresso Expose and got a Cafe Meil (honey and cinnamon). Patrick, a guy I work with, said that the owner there was from Italy and he makes the best espresso drinks. So I tried it out and was pretty satisfied with my drink. Except for the fact that I was really craving a peppermint white mocha from Starbucks and this was nowhere as sweet as Starbucks.

Time: 4:55pm
Location: Expresso Expose
Feeling: satisfied
Cost: $3.61

Right now I am going to get a McFlurry with Tera I am really craving something sweet and ice cream sounds like the perfect fix.

So we didnt have time for a McFlurry. Instead we went to Whole Foods and got a few groceries for later (peanut butter, pine nuts, kashi waffles on sale, and popcorn).

Location: Whole Foods
Feeling: like it's summer again (I went here all summer long for the free samples on Sunday)
Cost: $10.61?

Daily Total: $45.86