February 14, 2008

Day Twenty-Two

This morning I was planning on waking up at 8 to go to work. But of course I slept in. I made a waffle and made some peanut butter with sugar sandwiches to eat for lunch later.

When I got to class Kelsey made us delicious brownies.

After class I stopped at Cupcake for a skim latte. The cupcakes looked so delicious so I got 4 of them (For Burton, Tera, and possibly Andrew).

Time 2:04pm
Location: Cupcake
Feeling: generous. it's v-day.
Cost: $11.82

Burton called me around 5:30 and we headed over to Trader Joe's for some groceries. We wanted to make a shrimp dish so I got the ingredients and then headed to the wine section. Burton payed for the food and I got the drinks. While in the liquor store, they were sampling wine and beer. I got sucked in and bought a cider beer that tasted pretty delicious (or maybe it was that I was starving). I also got 2 bottles of three buck Chuck.

Time 6:44pm
Location: Trader Joe's
Feeling: Happy and excited to make dinner
Cost: $13.07

So I really wanted a baguette with the dinner so We stopped at Kowalski's for a french Baguette. I ran in, but of course got distracted by the desserts. I thought It would be fun to make chocolate malts after dinner. So I got ice cream and milk also.

TIme: 7:02
Location: Kowalskis
Feeling: sweet tooth
Cost: $ 10.07

On our drive home, Burton's mom called. She was in town for the night and wanted to take us all out to dinner (he has two older brothers that are both married). We went home, put the groceries away, and got picked up by his brother. We went to this delicious Thi place and I ordered a veggie meal that was soo good but also soo hot.

After dinner we ate the malts anyways and went to bed. Great night!

Daily total: $34.96