February 19, 2008

Day Twenty-Six

It's Monday so I head to yoga and then go back home to shower. Tera Was feeling sick this morning so I quick stop at Kowalski's on the way home to get her some Ginger Ale.

Time: 10:23
Location: Kowalski's
Feeling: cold
Cost: $1.34

I make some toast and heat up my left overs for breakfast then shower and go to work. At work I eat the shrimp pasta I made for dinner last night.

Burton calls me at 3:30ish because he needs to take his car into the shop. So I pick him up and then we go to Panera for a snack. We split a greek salad and tomato soup combo.

Now I am at Overflow Espresso Cafe doing homework until 6:30 when I head to NSAC.

TIme: 4:56pm
Location: Overflow Espresso Cafe
Feeling: my back is killing me
Cost: 2.73 (skim latte)

I also Paid my Centerpoint energy bill right after I finished blogging.

Time: 5:37
Location: Overflow Espresso Cafe (CenterPoint Energy)
Feeling: I really need to start budgeting
Cost: $10.58

I then went to NSAC and ate a cupcake. We were finished around 9pm and then Burton picked me up with my car and we went back to my house and finished the leftovers from the night before. mmmm..

Daily Total: $14.65