February 3, 2008

Day Ten

So I passed out last night a little early. I went to my friend Cailin's for a girls night but they wanted to go to Aqua and I wasn't having it. LIndsay, Andrea, and I stayed back and chatted but then around 11:30 I headed home. Burton called me and I told him I could give him and Rob a ride at 2 but by the time he called I was passed out. Oppps.

I ended up waking up at 7 and then putzing until 9ish and eating a piece of toast. I went and picked Tera up on my way to NSAC and we parked in Dinkytown and walked. On our way we passed Blarney's and they had a sign for Bloody Mary's so Tera and I stopped in for breakfast and Bloodies.

Time: 11:00
Location: Blarney's
Feeling: Rejuvenated
Cost: $5.00

After NSAC we picked up Burton for a little ice skating. I have to say I am pretty good at the sport (not really. I suck). On our way to go skating we decided to take a pit stop and McDonalds for a sunday. Mmmm im lovin' it.

Location: McDonalds in uptown
Feeling: Ready to skate and excited for something sweet
Cost: $1.07

When we got back we put a pizza in and took naps for a bit.

Right now I am at Starbuck's with Burton. I got my usual Grande nonfat 2 pump peppermint 2 pump white mocha with whip. sooo good. Afterward we are going back to the boys house to celebrate Evan's LSAT testing today.

Time: 8-10
Location: Starbuck's on Excelcier and Grand
Feeling: happy
Cost: $5.00 (drink=4.16)

After Starbuck's we stopped at The View on Lake Calhoun for a beer (Blue Moon) and appetizers. We got a Margarita pizza and chips and salsa. The salsa had mango and cilantro in it and it tasted delicious.

Time: 10:30-11:20pm
Location: The View
Feeling: a little tired
Cost: Free

We got back to the boys house and drank a little wine before we went out. We decided to go to Stella's which was a change from the usual Williams night. I decided to be generous and buy the boys a round. It was a smart move on my part because I didn't have to get a drink the rest of the night then.

Time: 11:30pm-2:30am
Location: Stella's in Uptown
Feeling: Happy...tipsy...drunk
Cost: $21.00

Daily Total: $32.07