February 21, 2008

Day Twenty-Nine

For breakfast I ate two pieces of my hemp bread and a chai. Then for a snack during class I ate two Granola bars. For lunch a ate a large mozzarella and tomato sandwich and now I am thinking of getting either another chai or a pepermint white mocha.

I am starting to think that my life revolves around food. I think about it all the time, and I love the taste. I need to stop spending so much money on food all the time. And I also need to cut back on my food intake. I dont workout right now because it is too cold for me and I don't want to take the time and go to a gym....

Alright, I have decided. I am either going to Caribou or Lori's and then to work!

So I ended up going to Caribou and getting the special for one dollar off (my last coupon). Instead of going into work, I just stayed at Caribou and did it there.

Location: Caribou
Feeling: jittery (too sweet for me)

After Caribou Burton picked me up with my car and then I dropped him off at his car. Then I did a little shopping at Macy's. I bought some perfume and underwear.

Location: Macy's in Roseville
Feeling: excited to go shopping. havent shopped in a long time

On my way home from shopping, I still felt in the mood to buy so I went the the Bibelot. I was looking for a birthday card for my mom and some lucky turtles that I give away as presents to my friends. I couldnt find a card so I just bought 2 lucky turtles. They didnt come with the card that tells about how lucky it is.

Location: Bibelot
Feeling: inspired, i love that store

From Bibelot I went to Lunds but couldnt find anything there to eat. So instead I went to Panera for a Greek salad. I told the guy it was my birthday on monday and he decided to let me pick out any dessert for free. Then he also threw in a cookie because he was bored.

Time :
Location: Panera
Feeling: lucky, free food
Cost: $ 5.56

I took my food to-go and rushed to Whitney's house. I was a half an hour late for lost but she filled me in on a commercial. When lost was over we did a little homework, and I went over to Burton's.