February 24, 2008

Day Thirty-One

Burton and I made eggs for breakfast and then Tera and I went to NSAC. We finished at around 3 and headed to Whole Foods because originally we were thirsty and wanted to go to McDonalds for a fountain soda. I went the wrong way and we ended up by Whole Foods instead. They had a ton of samples. According to our reading, 95% of people who sample food buy it. And I defiantly fall into that category. The cheese on sample was amazing, it was a garlic basil white cheese and it is probably one of the best cheeses I have ever eaten. Anyways, I ended up but three different cheeses, a salmon salad for dinner, and a bunch of sparkling waters on sale for .67.

Time: 4:32pm
Location: Whole Foods
Feeling: excited about the samples
Cost: $19.95

After Whole Foods We went back home and cleaned. At around 7 I showered and started getting ready for the evening. We were celebrating my b-day because its really on a Monday. People started coming over around 9 and we did a little drinking and eating cheese and crackers. My mom also sent me a package of Miami Beach Birthday cake, Banana discs, the Be book, and two movies (Legends of the fall and A River Runs Through It).

We ended up going to VFW's for Karaoke night. At the end of the night they always sing the "And Im proud to be an American" song which is always a good ending to the night.

Daily Total: $19.95