February 5, 2008

Day Thirteen

Class was canceled this morning so I picked Whitney up around noon and we went to Barnes and Nobles to look at different business systems. I dropped her off in St. Paul and headed to work. On the way I stopped at Cupcake for a nonfat latte.

Time: 1:42
Location: Cupcake
Feeling: excited to drink a good latte
Cost: $3.32

I also filled up my gas because its a nice day out and the gas was only $2.87 per gallon.

Time: 2:30
Location: Super America
Feeling: the gas prices are lower here then in St. Paul
Cost: $25.71

At work I ate lunch (spanish rice) and a larcroix. Now I am at an NSAC meeting and feeling a little hungry.

I went to class from 6-8 and then went home. My cousin and I were planning a dinner so I waited for her to call to eat. At around 9 I went and picked her up. She lives right by Lunds in North East so we stopped in for spinach, While we were there my cousin mentioned that Adriana Lima was in the store. Her boyfriend (a basketball player) lives above the store and they were downstairs getting groceries. She didn't look that tall because her boyfriend is Ginormous. She was pretty but if my cousin wouldn't have told me that she was a model I would have thought of her a being a normal pretty person. Anyways carla paid for the spinach and we had everyhing else to make the sandwiches (ficosa bread wit h asiago, feta, tomatoes, spinach, and pine nuts). we toasted it up and ate it... mmmm.

Daily Total: 29.03