Anti-government opposition challenges Iran's official day of protest

     Iran's domestic opposition movement flouted the warnings of religious and military leaders by marching in spite of the president's anti-Israel protest on Friday, known as Quds Day.
     Amidst opposition chants decrying Iranian President Ahmadinejad's controversial election, the president gave a speech in which he called the Holocaust a "lie," provoking a statement of condemnation from President Obama's press secretary, reported The New York Times.
     Barely outnumbered by pro-government supporters, the 100,000 opposition protesters  constituted the largest turnout of the movement in months, said The Washington Post. This was also the first time in months that the three leaders of the opposition joined crowds in Tehran.
     The New York Times explains that Quds Day or Jerusalem Day, the last Friday of Ramadan, is a pretext for the Iranian government to display street support for Palestinian and Lebanese militants as well as register its hostility towards Israel.


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