Fossil discovered in China calls into question origins of T. Rex

      A miniature equivalent of the prehistoric predator Tyrannosaurus Rex, recently discovered in China by a team of paleontologists, has altered scientists' understanding of the animal's evolution.
     The T. Rex was five times the lenth and almost 100 times the weight of its predecessor which has been dubbed Raptorex, according to a story in The New York Times. The story explained that the fossil, purchased by collector Henry J. Kriegstein, was handed over to University of Chicago dinasaur expert Paul C. Sereno for research purposes.
     With the discovery of Raptorex, scientists like Sereno are able to reconstruct the history of Tyrannosaurs in a new way. Sereno told The New York Times, "This is an agile, fast-running adding a lot of weight at the top, something has to give way. What gave way was the forelimb."
     The Washington Post reported that this 9 foot long dinosaur weighed as much as a human. Scientists anticipate an incline in the amount of smaller scale dinosaurs to be unearthed in the near future.


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