Ron Paul rounds up a crowd at Northrup

     Texan Rep. Ron Paul drew a crowd of 2,000 on Friday at Northrup Auditorium at the University of Minnesota. Not a bad turnout for a libertarian.
     The basis of this appearance was a town hall meeting with Minn. Rep. Michelle Bachmann to discuss a range of topics from health care to the Federal Reserve, the Pioneer Press said.

    Both Bachmann and Paul voiced their disapproval for federal spending in light of the deficit, pushing for an audit of the Fed that would be the first since its conception in 1913, the Press article said.

    One U of M student, a Paul supporter, expained to The Star Tribune that "both the left and the right hate him equally." Paul is well-known for his unique political stances which include negative criticism of the recent smoking ban and gun control.  



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