Terrorism threat apprehended in New York


     Federal investigators have hard evidence: surveillance tapes, laptop records and phone conversations-- not to mention traces of the chemicals used in the 2005 London subway bombings, according to federal court papers filed in New York City last Thursday.
     The main character in this drama is an Afghan man with permanent U.S. residency who happened to train with al-Qaeda in Pakistan in 2008, The Washington Post said.
     That was how Najibullah Zazi learned how to make explosives using acetone and hydrogen peroxide, chemicals he easily purchased at a beauty supply store near Denver last month, The New York Times said.
     The Post points out that such an internal threat has been a long-time concern of intelligence agencies.

     The Times spends the first few grafs of its article giving the unembellished case facts, waiting until graf 12 to reconstruct the compelling storyline leading up to Zazi's Saturday arrest. The rest of the article, however, reads like a crime novel. The Post sprinkles colorful bits of the story throughout its article so it is less organized overall but an interesting read throughout.


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