Twice dropped charges equals one fired police officer

     A Minneapolis police officer cleared of blame in the 2006 shooting of Fong Lee was fired, two weeks after unrelated charges of domestic assault were dropped.
     The Pioneer Press reported that officer Jason Anderson has been on paid leave since June 14. "They said it was for a policy violation for the code of ethics, but they couldn't even tell me what the violation was," Anderson said in a telephone interview with Pioneer Press on Wednesday.
     In May, a federal jury decided that Anderson acted within the law when he shot Fong Lee, 19, eight times during a foot chase, reported the Star Tribune. The story in the Star Tribune provided details of the Fong Lee case but included less about the more recent allegations of assault.
     The Star Tribune used police sources and public information because it was unable to obtain an interview with Anderson. Pioneer Press, however, not only gained access to Anderson, but procured a still image of the Fong Lee chase from a surveillance camera, thanks to the Court files of the U.S. District Court.


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