Ethics investigations leaked to public

Unbeknownst to its critics, the House ethics committee has been monitoring dozens of lawmakers for months, following issues such as corporate influence peddling and defense lobbying, The Washington Post said. 

The investigations surfaced after a lower-level employee improperly posted the report on an unprotected, publically accessible computer network, The Washington Post said.

The committee has now publically acknowledged eight of its inquiries, including investigations of House members Maxine Waters and Lara Richardson, two California democrats, The New York Times said.

The ethics committee has previously kept its activities shielded from the public to avoid unduly tarnishing reputations, a practice which has caused watchdog groups to question its effectiveness.

A committee statement released on Thursday said, "No inference to any misconduct can be made from the fact that a matter is simply before the committee," The New York Times said.


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