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The case study: Sounds and Culture Come Alive During 'Africa Unwrapped'
Read the story in the University of Tampa's online publication: The Minaret Online

      This article reports on an event held by the University of Tampa last Thursday to educate students about Africa. Participants enjoyed Ethiopian food, drumming, dancing and informative lectures.
      The writer talked to students who attended and the president of Diversity Fellowship, one of the group that sponsored the event. Everyone had positive experiences and expanded their knowledge of African culture. This story features the campus event rather than the culture for which it was trying to promote awareness.

     University of Minnesota student Ellen Putzier, 23, works at Anew Dimension Child Enrichment Center, a childcare facility in the Cedar Riverside area of Minneapolis. Most of the children she takes care of there are from East Africa.

     After reading the above article, Putzier commented that the event sounded informative and broad, without stereotypes. She said it is common for the population she works with to be labeled automatically as poor and involved with crime.

    "People from Africa are very cheerful, joyful...they greet you when they see you, they don't leave without saying goodbye," Putzier said. She said, too, that parents from other backgrounds might not engage in conversations or show the same interest in her.

     Putzier explained she has had more positive encounters with African immigrants because of working at the daycare. She said that going to 'Africa Unwrapped' would have been helpful for her to learn more about a people she serves daily.

     "I would have loved to be there," Putzier said of the University of Tampa event.


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