Just plain Mickey not epic enough for Disney

Disney and Nintendo plan to release a new Wii console game next year featuring Epic Mickey, a re-vamped action hero version of the beloved cartoon, The Guardian said.

Disney has decided to re-imagine Mickey for the future in hopes of increasing merchandise sales, even at the risk of alienating more traditional fans, The New York Times said.

The game's designer, Warren Spector, has included retired and perhaps less popular Disney characters such as Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, who become jealous of Mickey's fame in the new storyline.

"We've pulled Mickey out of the world of cartoons which is where he belongs and feels comfortable and safe and we pull him into a world we call the Cartoon Wasteland," said Spector, The Guardian said.

The New York Times calls Epic Mickey a "return to Mickey at his creation," in the sense that his whimsical character would often play pranks and roughhouse with his friends.


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