Women approaching majority status in union workforce

The makeup of the U.S. union workforce has been significantly shifting towards women.

A report issued by the Center for Economic Policy and Research on Tuesday found that 45 percent of unionized workers are now women, up from 35 percent in 1983.

The study described the stereotype of a white male factory worker as being unrepresentative of today's actual labor force, according to Business Week.

The ultimate effect of the demographic shift is that a desire for both work and family life necessitates different benefits and priorities.

"Because of women, we don't just talk about raising wages, but about creating family friendly workplaces with sick leave, child care, and family and medical leave," said Anne Burger, head of the union federation Change to Win, the Associated Press reported.

The report noted that the union labor force has become more diverse, with a jump in Latino workers, as well as shifted away from the manufacturing sector.


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