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i heart you

Sometimes the most beautiful, extraordinary, and phenomenal things found in nature are closer than we think. We are a phenomenon because of an intricate arrangement of systems throughout our body, and arguably the most impressive of all is the circulatory system.

The circulatory system is made up of the heart and its blood vessels, it carries red blood cells, red blood cells, platelets, and plasma, and it is aided by the lungs. These things work together to make this complex system of rushing fluids that keep our bodies alive and make our world a better place anyway. Imagine what E.R., Grey’s Anatomy, or The Texas Chainsaw Massacre would be like if we didn’t have circulatory systems!

Grey's anatomy.jpg

These things are also involved in a series of frameworks. They are specifically positioned to do the right thing at the right time. They are each specialists in their own fields to create the whole operating system. This system is laid out in a very specific way-- especially the heart.

heart & lungs.jpg

The four chambers in the heart are positioned according to where the two different circulations enter and exit and where the blood from the veins is mixed with oxygen to restore and reuse it in the arteries. The valves help the pumping effect as it kicks out blood. It is also centrally located in between the lungs which supplies readily available oxygen to rejuvenate our old blood.

These frameworks found in the circulatory system are essential to the clockworks in it. The actual flow of blood through the coronary circulation, the pulmonary circulation, and the systemic circulation has a clockwork effect in order to keep us alive. It always runs in the exact same way with no room for error, or we would have serious problems functioning. The blood goes through changes as it gains and loses oxygen but always begins and ends in the heart. The veins always flow blood back to the heart and the arteries always disperse refreshed blood through all the parts of the body.

heart pump.gif

The circulatory system then is a phenomenon because it is perceived by our senses. It is a stable yet complex system that involves things, frameworks, and clockworks. It definitely has a purpose (remember Grey's Anatomy). A heart is born when we are; it and its system grows as we do, and they die when we do. It therefore has a definite beginning and end, and therefore is one of the most spectacular phenomena of our existence.

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