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Design in Mathematics

If a designer wants his/her design to be symmetrical, have exact dimensions, be proportionate, or be measurable he/she must use mathematics in the design. Some of the most beautiful designs around the world exude striking edges, curves, and definition directly because of the mathematics used.

Any great designer would use mathematics to their advantage while creating a masterpiece because of its already perfected usefulness, beauty, and durability. These three things after all were what the great mathematician Vitruvius believed, many centuries before our time. All of the designs in which nature has created that still exist today have lasted since the beginning of nature itself, and therefore prove themselves. Although beauty is the first thing noticed in a building, it is seldom the purpose behind the design. Let’s take the Eiffel Tower for example math design 11.jpg; it is a symbol of romance, beauty, and intimacy and its unique shape is hard not to fall in love with, however Alexandre Gustave Eiffel, the designer said this about his masterpiece:

"What phenomenon did I have to give primary concern in designing the Tower? It was wind resistance. Well, I hold that the curvature of the monument's four outer edges, which is as the mathematical calculations have dictated it should be, will give a great impression of strength and beauty.? Here, the beautiful structure of this building was a simple “bonus? in the mathematics used to build the tower for its durability.

Mathematics can also be the design itself. Several logos and other various things have stemmed directly from mathematical geometry and graphs. The examples that follow are solid, precise, and proportionate designs that have been discovered in mathematics to design’s advantage: math design1.gif Common geometrical designs would be the dome math design5.jpg, the pyramid math design7.jpg, or the spiral math design2.jpg. These designs (pre-existing in nature) have been incorporated into numerous famous buildings around the world. math design6.jpg

Since mathematics stem directly from pre-existing nature, design is from nature. I believe nature to be the best ‘’go to’’ for designs for the following reasons:
1) nature has used the old age of its designs to prove itself worthy in our current world
2) nature is precise and exact as mathematics and therefore design must be
3) nature is beautiful, so “mimicking? can not only provide durability and purpose, but it can also provide aesthetics to its users.

Design is mathematics. Mathematics are so incorporated into the creation and final product of a given design that it would be impossible to try and construct a building or other design without it.

math design 8.jpg math design 9.jpg math design 10.gif