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5-year-old girl receives new heart

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A 5-year-old girl finally received a new heart last Wednesday after waiting 2.5 years.

Katy Murphy from Wakefield underwent surgery Wednesday to get a new heart after being on the A1 waitlist for half of her life, according to the WakefieldPatch.

Katy was born with a heart defect. Her doctor Kevin Daly of Children's Hospital said it was the longest wait for a transplant patient he can remember. One reason for the wait was the need for a donated heart that was small enough for Katy, according to the WakefieldPatch and CBC Boston.

Katy's surgery went well. Daly said she should be back to normal kids stuff soon. "She can go to school, she can play sports and she will grow," he said, according to CBC Boston.

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You are doing a good job on the blog. Be sure you avoid the Sunday crunch. I know that was a problem with the site on one weekend. But I see a crowding on the latest week as well.

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