Scientists announce Monday if body found is King Richard III

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Scientists will announce Monday if the body of King Richard III has, at long last, been found.

King Richard III ruled England from 1483 to 1485. He was killed in battle by the future King Henry VII. His body has never been identified or recovered.

Archeologists on the search for the remains of King Richard III discovered a skeleton under a parking lot in central London last September, the AP reported.

The body is reported to show signs trauma to the skull and a barbed arrowhead is lodged in the upperback. There are also signs of scoliosis, consistent with historical descriptions of the King.

King Richard III may have been buried by monks, however after King Henry III commanded all monasteries be disbanded 50 years after King Richard's death, the location of his possible burial was forgotten. The body discovered under the parking lot matches up extremely well with historical descriptions of the King, reported the International Business Times.

The body has undergone extensive testing, including radio carbon dating and DNA comparison to the DNA taken from a London resident who has been confirmed to be the 17th great grand nephew of King Richard's older sister, reported the AP.

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