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“I HAVE A DREAM….? As said by Martin Luther King

Yes, I have a dream but different than of King’s. It’s about transforming the UMN campus into an exemplary sustainable environment. This is the way I think I could help the environment. I could see this happen by making drastic changes in our campus to make it one of the best campuses in the world helping the environment.


First, we could start with a collaborate work of all architecture students, engineering, management, etc and faculty members to make changes in all buildings in campus, to support the environment.


Second, all UMN students should engage in planting vegetation all over campus, in every small area with trees, shrubs, etc to minimize our ecological footprint.

Third, changing the architecture program in the UMN to support the production of real life solutions as a result of architecture undergraduate students and graduate students cooperation instead of investing much of the students’ time in a project that expires as the semester ends. Just think of the amount of paper or materials used to produce your final draft of any project you worked on. Thus, I believe if the architectural program faculties changed their projects to real life problems and letting students involve and collaborate in the solving those problems will results in real production.


Forth, I would transfer all this knowledge and experience to my country Saudi Arabia which in serious need to such knowledge. Saudi Arabia is a developing country moving to modern urban design with great ignorance to the environment. Transferring the UMN will help me to transfer this knowledge a cross seas which will hopefully make bigger and bigger changes for the sake of the environment. This is the way I can help the environment.