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I want to show this video first because it try to define graphic design ad it points out that it is a way of communicating thoughts and ideas so this video relate to what we are trying to do for our research project which is to communicate through images and text to achieve an understanding of the issue we are talking about.

YSDN-What is Graphic Design?


Second video that I want to share is about the design of a book called “The Learners? by Chip Kidd. This book is different from all other book in its unique design. The layout of the book is genius.

“The Learners? by Chip Kidd

Our group is working on sustainability and we are investigating this issue in Saudi Arabia, particularly the effect of oil productivity. Acknowledging that, I found a couple of presentation styles that suits our research topic and here is a list of them:




word_template.jpgword_templateOIL .jpg