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I recently received the Best Paper Award in 12th international symposium on spatial and temporal databases. I believe the closest word to describe my feeling is "Ecstasy", though not enough. I felt it would be good if I could share my experience with you and give you some tips:

1) Don't get discouraged with paper rejections, it will get in eventually. That paper was rejected twice before being accepted and received the Best Research Paper Award.

2) Trust your advisor; he is way more experienced than you are. That does not mean that you should be a pushover and follow your advisor blindly. Your advisor definitely wants you also to have an argument and to support your argument in a good way.

3) Never eat alone: collaborate with smart people to get your work done. Don't you ever say "I am the smartest person on earth, I can do everything on my own". Believe it or not, when you say so, you are screwed.

4) Whenever you are looking for a research problem to solve, find a REAL problem and try to solve it the SIMPLEST way. Complicated solutions usually don't fly.

5) Think Big: When you are solving a problem, think how the world would be different after solving such a problem. Don't just think: "I want my paper to be published so that I can graduate".

That is all I have in my mind now. wish it is useful...

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