February 16, 2009

Video Conferencing: Best Practices

Long Island University created this guide on best practices for video conferencing. If you use or are thinking of using the Polycom video conference equipment in Jones 110D or Jones 35, you may find this guide useful.

Download file

February 4, 2009

Sharing Mac DiLL audio recordings with students

Instructors often ask us, "How can students access the files recorded using the MacDiLL?" The simple answer is that there isn't a way for students to log-in to the Mac DiLL server and access their recordings. But, with a few simple steps, instructors can download student recordings using the "Archive Task to ZIP File" function on the Mac DiLL server website, copy the files to the TempShare drive on the Macs, and then let students save their files to a flash drive or their Netfiles account.

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January 28, 2009

My students can't get to our course Moodle site!

It's the first day you've brought your students to class and for whatever reason, they aren't able to access your course Moodle site through their MyU portals. Frustrating.

One reason your students might not be able to access the site is because the site was not made available to them through the administration settings in the course site. Another reason could be that the student isn't yet officially enrolled in the class. And finally, it could be that MyU hasn't connected with the Moodle servers, resulting in the frustrating glitch you endure in class.

Whatever the reason, there's still hope for students to access the course website, even if they can't get to it from MyU. Here's how:

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January 21, 2009


Welcome to the CLA Language Center Classroom Support Blog! We'll provide tips for using the technology in Jones Hall and an overview of some new tools you might find useful in your second language classes.

The undergraduate staff have been busy creating online guides for all of the technology in the CLA Language Center. If you have questions about how to observe or control your students' computers, how to use the Mac DiLL, how to use Windows on a Mac computer and more, be sure to take a look at these online guides at http://jonesclassroomguides.pbwiki.com

In the meantime, if you have questions about certain Jones Hall classroom features or how to make really good use of a particular technology, leave a comment! We'll try to address your questions here!