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TandemPlus Punch Pizza on December 3

Tandem will hold its third and final Fall Semester event on Wednesday, December 3, 2014 from 3:30 to 5:00 p.m. at Punch Pizza in Stadium Village.

All current TandemPlus participants (partnered or not) are invited. Tandem will provide the first round of pizza and drinks, so come early! Join us with your partners or come alone for pizza, conversation, and camaraderie.

For more information about the Punch Party, contact Tandem at

This event is partially funded by an Innovative Community Building Grant sponsored by ISSS.

PACE Workshop on IPA: February 27 - SAVE THE DATE!

The next PACE all-day workshop will take place Friday, February 27, 2015 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The topic will be "Integrated Performance Assessments," and the workshop will be divided into two parts. The morning will be devoted to a presentation about the Integrated Performance Assessment (IPA), which engages students in a process of demonstrating their competence in the three modes of communication (Interpretive, Interpersonal, and Presentational) while studying content-based topics. The afternoon, for those who can stay, will provide an opportunity for hands-on demonstrations of IPAs that are currently under development or being implemented in language courses at the university. Participants will have an opportunity to see what colleagues are doing and provide feedback and suggestions. We are in the process of negotiating with a guest presenter and facilitator. More details to come...

All CLA language instructors are invited to attend. As we have done in the past two semesters, we are asking instructors to conduct your regularly scheduled classes as a "class-free" day on Friday, February 27. Those of you who continue to meet on Fridays might design an activity or two that the students can perform on their own or collaboratively with one another in lieu of meeting with instructors that day. Alternatively, you might schedule a session in one of the computer classrooms in Jones, and the Language Center may be able to provide a proctor to work with your students during their regularly scheduled hour that day. Please email if you are interested in exploring this option.

The PACE Project is funded by a grant from The Language Flagship.

Next Swap Shop - Turnin' Up the Heat with In-Class Activities

Want some more sizzle in your activities and assessments? Join us for the next Swap Shop hosted by the PACE Professional Development Peer Team. Rasha El Helw from Arabic will present a "Gallery Walk" style pre/post-reading activity and Ayumi Mita and Minori Inada from Japanese will present their Integrated Performance Assessment. Look forward to a toasty discussion!

All language instructors are invited to attend.

Monday, December 1, 2014
12:10 - 1:10 p.m.
Nicholson 110

This event is sponsored by the PACE Professional Development (PD) Peer Team, which includes language instructors from French, German, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

The PACE Project is funded by a grant from The Language Flagship.

Getting to Know the Multimedia Lab Student Staff

Meet the six multimedia lab attendants for the Fall 2014 semester at the Language Center! Here are some short self-introductions of new and returning staff.


Sorelle Chekam

Hi! I'm Sorelle. I am originally from Bafoussam, Cameroon. I moved to the U.S seven years ago, and I currently live in Roseville, MN. I transferred to the U of M from from Anoka-Ramsey Community College one year ago. My Major is Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering. My first language is French and secondary one is English. I started working at the Language Center this semester, and I am really enjoying being around foreign language learners. My life is centered around work and school, but during my spare time I like to travel, read, and spend time with friends.


Jonathan Prestrud

Greetings! I'm Jonathan and I work with the Language Center as the assistant in the TandemPlus program, and a few times during the week I can also be found in the multimedia lab. I transferred to the University three years ago; this makes me a super senior. I finish my Linguistics B.A. this semester, and will wrap up my GSD (German) major and History minor in the coming spring. As for languages, I've studied five--German, Korean, Spanish, French, and Norwegian--and have been fortunate to do a bit of linguistic fieldwork in Azeri through the Linguistic department. I enjoy all things done well, lightheartedness, and anything that brings about fun.


Salma Bile

Hello! My name is Salma Bile, and I have worked in the Multimedia Lab for a little over a year now. I am from San Diego, California, but I've lived in Minnesota for the majority of my life. I am a junior studying Biology and plan to go to nursing school when I graduate. I love languages, but I've only studied Spanish and Arabic so far. I hope to study abroad either this summer or sometime next year to work on my Arabic. When I'm not studying, I'm usually spending time with family and friends or watching my favorite sport, soccer!


Rachel Groe

Hello, everyone! I'm Rachel and am majoring in Management Information Systems (MIS) and minoring in Marketing. For most of my life I've lived in Bloomington, Minnesota. I've studied German for several years and completed my language proficiency exam (LPE) for German during spring semester of 2012. I studied abroad in Vienna last spring (and highly encourage those thinking of studying abroad to do so; it's a great experience!). I have worked with OFYP's Welcome Week program for the past three years. I also work with the Office of Classroom Management at the UMN, and as the Public Relations Officer for the UMN's Pokémon League. Things that I enjoy doing in my free time include reading fantasy/sci-fi novels, practicing my writing skills, watching anime, hanging out with friends, and playing video games (especially Pokémon).


Hodan Jama

Hello! My name is Hodan Jama and I am studying Nutrition and minoring in Public Health. I was born in Somalia but grew up in Minnesota. I have two brothers who are also in college. This is my second semester here, and it is good to see new faces here at the Multimedia Lab. I am planning to go to graduate school for Public Health and work as Public Health Nutritionist. In my spare time, I enjoy watching shows that center around crime investigation. My favorite channel to watch when I am not busy is Investigation Discovery, which features real life crimes. I also enjoy reading and talking to my friends.


Dathan Cook

Hello. I'm Dathan and this will be my third semester working at the Multimedia Lab. I am from Eagan, a suburb just outside the Twin Cities, and I have lived in Minnesota for all of my life. I'm currently a sophomore and planning on majoring in computer science, but I'm also studying French while attending the U. I would love to learn several other languages as well as have a study abroad experience before finishing my time here. I spend most of my free time watching some of my favorite TV shows, spending time with my family and friends, or exploring around the city and trying new things.

Language Center Hours: Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Language Center Main Office, Multimedia Lab and Computer Classrooms will close early on Wednesday, November 26 to allow student staff to travel home for the holidays. The Office and Lab will close at 4:30 p.m. and the Classrooms will close at 6:35 p.m.

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