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TandemPlus Spring Partnership Highlight

For Katia Paz and Sangho Yun, meeting twice a week for coffee, Korean and English conversation is just a part of their routine. Every Monday and Friday, Paz, a freshman from St. Cloud studying nursing and Korean, and Yun, a PhD student from Seoul, South Korea studying electrical engineering, meet at a campus Starbucks for their TandemPlus language exchange.

At their meetings they speak half of the time in Korean and half of the time in English and both help each other to improve their language. Paz feels that she can comfortably ask Yun language questions and ask for clarifications on grammatical concepts, while Yun feels that Paz helps him by correcting mispronunciation of English words. They often talk about cultural, social, and political differences and both feel they have gained crucial cultural insight over the past few months. In addition, both participants feel that their confidence has greatly improved in speaking their second languages. Paz feels that due to her growing confidence she is "more vocal in class." Both students share the goal of using their second languages in a future career; Paz hopes to work at a base in Korea, and Yun hopes to use English regularly in a career for multinational technology company. Both participants feel that Tandem language exchanges are essential to improving their language.

Google Hangouts Self-Help Guide

Interested in using Google Hangout to meet with students or colleagues remotely, but not sure how it works? OIT Technology Training has put together a fantastic Google Hangouts Self Help Guide. Check it out!

The Enduring Spirit of Labor Featuring the Art of Anna Kaminski

TandemPlus and World Languages Day Assistant Anna Kaminski will exhibit and participate in a public lecture on April 23, 2014 at 6:00 p.m. at Regis Center for Art. The exhibition called The Enduring Spirit of Labor speaks to injustices rampant in labor industries and services and celebrates the struggle against systemic forces of injustice. Anna and other artists featured in the exhibition have worked collaboratively and individually on projects that speak to deeper dimensions of human rights violations in labor industries, challenging participants to consider elements of injustice existing beyond physical and explicit violence.

The Public Program for The Enduring Spirit of Labor will feature artist introductions and a discussion led by Anna Meteyer, Anna Kaminski, and Lindsay Keating. The discussion will highlight the role of artistic advocacy in social justice, the critical need to fuse art and political activism, and the advantages--and challenges--of incorporating interdisciplinary work into the fine arts. A Public Reception with the artists and curators will follow.

World Languages Day: Please Volunteer to Help on May 20, 2014

World Languages Day (WLD) is the largest outreach event at the University of Minnesota associated with language promotion. It is possible because of the efforts of our volunteers, who come from around the university. Some volunteer because they support K-12 outreach or language promotion, and others just think interacting with high school students is fun.

The event is scheduled for Tuesday, May 20, 2014 on the East Bank, and we need volunteers to help make it a success. Volunteers help with setup and check in, and support the classes that students attend.

If you are available on May 20, please consider signing as a volunteer at the WLD site.

User Name = volunteer2014
Password = pass2014

While at the WLD website, you can look at the classes scheduled for 2014, and learn more about this year's event.

Volunteers will receive a light breakfast and lunch.

The World Languages Day planning group and the College of Liberal Arts sincerely thank everyone who is able to volunteer for this important outreach event for the University of Minnesota.

World Languages Day 2014: Class List now Available!

World Languages Day 2014 is fast approaching. Check out the classes available at this year's event!

Thanks to the University of Minnesota's creative and talented language instructors, we are able to offer almost sixty classes representing more than twenty different languages.

This year's event features several classes intend to expand students' knowledge of the language they currently study in high school. These options include a variety of Spanish immersion courses, such as ¬°Wacala!/Yuck!, where students can learn about all things gross, and ¬°Bienvenidos a Argentina!, which will immerse students in the history, geography and culture of Argentina. Students of Chinese can try practicing their conversation skills with native Chinese speakers in TandemPlus Chinese Language Exchange. Self-Assessment classes are offered for Chinese, French, German and Spanish students interested in learning more about their own language skills.

Students can also sample a brand new language or culture. We are offering a variety of introductory language courses, including Basic Ojibwe, Survival Finnish, and Introduction to Arabic!, as well as many culture classes. Students can learn some new dance moves in Come Enjoy Bhangra Dance!, or explore international art in The Art of Paperfolding 'Origami' and Bastelstunde! German Arts & Crafts.

This year's World Languages Day has something for everyone!

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