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Help! Students can't access the Moodle site!

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It's the first day you've brought your students to class and for whatever reason, they aren't able to access your course Moodle site through their MyU portals. Frustrating.

One reason your students might not be able to access the site is because the site was not made available to them through the administration settings in the course site. Another reason could be that the student isn't yet officially enrolled in the class. And finally, it could be that MyU hasn't connected with the Moodle servers, resulting in the frustrating glitch you endure in class.

Whatever the reason, there's still hope for students to access the course website, even if they can't get to it from MyU. Here's how:

Before class:
Make the course site available to students.
1. Click on Settings under the Administration tab (left side of screen).

2. Scroll down to Availability.
3. Select "This course is available for students".
4. Assign an Enrollment Key.
Highlight the information in the Enrollment Key field and delete it. Then, type in an Enrollment Key for the course. In the example above, I used elsie_iteach. Remember this key - you may need to give it to students later.

During class:
If students can't access the course through MyU, instruct your students to:
1. Go to
2. Login with x500
3. The class should appear under the My Courses heading. Select it.
4. If class does not show under the My Courses menu, type the course name in the Search field (students may need to scroll down a bit).
5. Click on the link provided to enter the course.
6. If the following message appears, instruct students to type in the key you entered above (in this case, elsie_iteach) and click "Enroll me in this Course".

Once your students are enrolled in your course, they should be able to see the course anytime they go to

For more answers to your questions about Moodle, contact

Thanks to Kate Clements, MELP for helping with this post.

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