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Video Recording in Jones 30 and 35 - Now Straight to Media Mill

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Instructors can arrange to have their class video recorded remotely in both Jones 30 and 35. Classroom video recording can be useful for an instructor's professional development and to document students' academic progress. Jones 35 is the preferred location for video recording, as the room is equipped with three cameras, which increases the recording possibilities.

Beginning this semester, video recordings are being made to both DVD and computer. Computer files are uploaded to Media Mill and shared with the individual instructor. Instructors who would like to retain a DVD copy should bring a blank DVD with them to Jones on the day of their recording. The DVD is of higher video quality, but the Media Mill recording is easier for the instructor to share with colleagues and students.

Any language instructor can request to have their class video recorded in Jones 30 or 35. To request this service, please check classroom availability, and request a classroom. Please select "Video Recording" on the reservation request form. On the day of the recording, please communicate with Classroom Support staff concerning what they should try to capture. For example, should the focus be on the instructor or on the students, or should the camera follow the action of the class? If you would like us to record student presentations, we can create a separate computer file for each presentation which will make sharing the files with students much easier.

Please contact the Technical Coordinator, Diane Rackowski, at if you have questions about the new video recording setup.

1 Comment

I used this service last week Friday and it was pretty slick! The student worker who recorded my class was very professional and knowledgeable. He recorded my students' presentations on separate tracks and shared each presentation with me via Media Mill. This cut out the amount of time I would usually spend downloading video from a camera and converting and uploading to Media Mill myself. This is an excellent improvement for the Language Center!

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