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DASH Graduate Student Summer Camp August 18-22 - Application Deadline June 15

DASH (Digital Arts Sciences + Humanities) is offering a 5-day Summer Camp to University of Minnesota graduate students to introduce digital technologies and perspectives on how they relate to research and teaching. Topics will include GIS and mapping, crowdsourcing, data management, media production, digital preservation, data visualization, and more.

Each session will blend exploration, instruction, and discussion. Specifically, the session will introduce a featured platform or topic then move into hands-on work, example projects, ways to get started on projects, and philosophical and critical issues related to these topics and/or technologies. The emphasis will be on horizontal learning - getting exposed to many of these topics rather than diving deep into one or two. Previous experience is welcome, but not necessary.

The goal of the Camp is to help graduate students develop a basic competency in digital tools that can serve as a foundation for further exploration, including ways of incorporating new methods and dimensions to individual projects (including the conception, research, and publication of theses and dissertations), as well as how these skills can expand potential employment opportunities within and beyond academia.

Upon completion of the Camp, attendees will be invited to monthly meetings where they can share their work and ideas as well as ask for help and feedback from fellow Camp participants. In building a network of graduate students from across the University using these tools, participants will continue to support each other as they shape their identities as scholars and teachers.

Please note that space is limited. Please direct any interested graduate students to apply online. If you have questions, please contact Justin Schell,, at the University of Minnesota Libraries. The application deadline is June 15.

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