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The article "The Critical Audience" by Judith Mayne shed some light on the female spectator. The subsequent articles build on the role of minority spectators and what and HOW that discrimination can help or hinder a viewing of a movie or otherwise. For example, the other articles mentioned how one views a movie through a different racial gaze, or a homosexual gaze.

But back to Mayne's article. I found this article especially interesting because I have always seen celebrities, or actors being 'outed' and how that not only effects their personal relationships, but their public ones. THose public relationships, to the media, to the audience, to the fan, is tainted. Roles that were once offered are now no longer because of a celebrity coming out.

However, I liked that Mayne wrote that gays and lesbians look to gossip and rumor (from a process of heterosexualized images, and from, although never stated, 'gay-dar') outlets. Some actors never have to come out, if they have that intense fan following from straight and gay audiences.

She goes on to cite a few examples where movie characters, and then the actors themselves, react to homosexuality on screen. A great example she mentioned was Ghost, and how Goldberg wanted to avoid the lesbian scenario towards the end of the film.

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